Has your girlfriend given you the brush-off? You're probably down in the dumps and just want to forget the whole thing. Take a look at the following. You'll find ways to give yourself a boost. Sure, it's going to be tough for awhile, but adhering to these ideas will help you get back in the groove. Besides, if you just keep throwing yourself a pity party, nobody's going to attend except miserable you.

Get Over a Relationship Breakup Technique #1: Step one: No more being in touch with your ex girlfriend. That means no phone calls, no emails, no anything. Communicating with her is just going to prolong your misery. You'll just get depressed as she rejects you further, while what you really need is to get on the ball. It will be best for you, and for her, the more space you put between you.

Get Over a Relationship Breakup Technique #2: Seriously meant – you must discard every iota of material stuff in your environment that reminds you that you were once together. You have to get rid of everything that might hearken back to “the good old days.” They can't be that good if you're going through this heartache now. Everything in your place that belongs to her, get it back to her. Don't hand them over personally. Mail them to her. Or ask a friend to drop them off for you.

Get Over a Relationship Breakup Technique #3: For your third step, step boldly for the door. Open it. Step out. Call up some old buddies. Make some new friends. Misery hates company. So, if you curl up alone, you'll be miserable. You've a myriad avenues open. Don't forget old buddies. Spend more time with your brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents. They can even give you advice on how to get over the mess, how to heal.

Get Over a Relationship Breakup Technique #4: Diminishing the opportunity for pain is your fourth step. You need to find something that will shift the focus of your life. There is a big wide world out there with a plethora of opportunities to explore, many of which can improve you health-wise, mentally, and even financially. Thus, you're improving yourself, and doing something worthwhile rather than sitting alone with the TV.

Get Over a Relationship Breakup Technique #5: Choose to move on. And move on with forgiveness. That is your fifth step to getting over a relationship. Allowing old wounds to heal and allowing your ex forgiveness are the best ways to keep your life on track. Be positive. The relationship is gone. Look up. Look about. Think of the future. That's the best way to cure pain. Grudges are like stomach acid, they hurt and leave a bad taste in your mouth. “Que Sera, Sera!” Whatever will be, will be. You might hitch up with your ex again. Even if you don't, don't lead the rest of your life with bitterness. Forgive and be positive.

Breakups are tough but the preceding steps should help you along the road to recovery or, better yet, your road to being a better person.

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