Being fired is not the end of the world although it often looks like it. You feel rejected by the very same people that a day before were your friends/colleagues. This experience is definitely not something “easy to digest”; as a result, you will experience feelings of anger and frustration. These feelings are normal, taking into account that your entire career comes to a crossing point.

For a number of people, this experience can be devastating. The level of stress rises so high that even a disease can come out of it. The only cure for this situation is a new beginning - you should start looking for a new job. I will try to make this transition much more bearable for you by offering you these 5 moving forward steps after losing your job.

Understand Your Feelings

Feelings of anger and frustration are totally normal. Don’t try to fight them; this will only make things worse. One way in which you can understand these feelings and learn to work with them is talking to somebody about them.

Be open about what you feel and try to perceive yourself from an objective point of view. Understanding that some things cannot be changed is crucial for your future wellbeing. Therefore, accept that you lost your job, and start looking for a new one. Who knows? Maybe the first job that you come across next will prove to be your dream job.

From Loss to Opportunity

Frustration is rising, and the thought that you are not good enough starts springing forth from within.

Reflecting on your experiences is a perfect way in which you can get your focus back and rise stronger from the ashes of your misery. After contemplating these thoughts, you will finally understand that being fired has nothing to do with you or your abilities, and you will again feel the excitement of a new beginning.

It’s Time for a New Plan

When you are ready to move on, think about a list of actions that might help you get back on the job hunt. You should re-think you resume or re-write it if it’s necessary.

You can use professional resume developing services like in case you have trouble with the crafting, organizing, and optimizing of your resume. You could try to turn to Resumes by Canva as well. Once you have a satisfying resume, you should start searching for jobs that tone with your skills and abilities.

Practicing for interviews and sending customized letters will definitely improve your chances to get the job of your dreams.

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

The thought that you were just fired from your job makes you see the future as vague and unsure. It’s crucial for you to understand that this is not the Armageddon. Managing your emotions at first can seem difficult. Just give it time.

Locking yourself in the house and avoiding your friends and family isn’t quite smart. Instead, start reading a book or get outside and exercise. Find a new hobby, or basically do anything that takes your mind off these negative thoughts. Keep your head up and concentrate on your next step. Living in the past will only keep you from attracting progress in your life. Everything will fall into place as long as your emotional intelligence keeps evolving.

Stay Positive

Always remember that every negative situation has its lessons. Opportunities, they hide almost all the time underneath the worst situations. In this type of situations, you must keep your head up and move forward with all your strength. Remember, only something good can come out of this.

If you think that this process is too complicated for you and you feel that you need someone to guide you, don’t hesitate to find that person. Meeting this individual might be exactly what you need during these moments. It would be a good idea to stay away from negative people. You should look for people that are successful, fulfilled, and happy. Let them be your mentors.

The whole point of these strategies is to help you regain your confidence and start focusing again on your passions. Being fired might sound like a bad thing at first, but in time you may see that it wasn’t such a bad thing.

Change is evolution; you can’t grow in the same environment for a long time. When something changes, you are forced to adapt. Adapting to new situations makes you a much wiser and stronger person, so welcome every challenge that steps in your way!

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Micheal Gilmore is a resume writer and editor. He's psyched about marketing, business, blogging and SMM. In his parallel life, he loves hiking and can't wait to see the Himalayas one of these days. Follow Micheal on Twitter.