We all want to feel good. NO! We all want to feel great! Happy with our path, happy with our partner, happy with our family, happy with our career. In order to be truly happy, we have to achieve contentment in all aspects of our life, don’t we? When one part of our life is effected in a negative way - it effects every part of our life.

Its rare when life is perfect “all at one time” - its a journey that is always changing. There is nothing wrong with change, it can be great! Its about how we embrace it, how we honor it.

The challenge is moving forward. This comes in four steps.

First you realize you are stuck. You are unhappy, you have become lackluster, not loving something about your life - maybe life has simply become routine. Maybe your career is not something you want to do anymore and you feel there is nothing you can do about it. You have to get past that belief that although you studied to be a lawyer, ten or 20 years down the road, you are allowed to move forward and you dont have to be stuck in the same career for the rest of your life. Remember you decided on this at probably 20 years old. We have progressed in our life, surely what we want down the road would, of course, change as well.

Secondly, do you know what you would like to do yet? First you have to believe that you truly can move forward and you are not stuck, but also you have to figure out the steps that are necessary to get you where you want to be. This does not come to us right away - its a process - but the truth is, it is all inside you. That is why you are feeling this way - and using flower remedies for our emotional health and well being - will bring it out for you! Think about your past jobs, experience, your hobbies, interests and more.

Third - Finding a Practitioner to Work With on Creating Your Customized Flower Remedy Blend. You know you are unhappy, you know you something different as you figured out above. A flower remedy blend will bring out what is inside you. Not only will it work on “what is your path” but will also help with vision, how to get there, as well as issues that surround all this in your personal life. It helps take you on your journey with confidence and knowing you will achieve success. If you believe you cannot have it, but know you want something more - your blend will bring you to a place where you profoudly just follow your journey. Its amazing to know that all we are looking for - is right here - created from flower, with profound and powerful movement for us. This is one of the small things flower remedy blends will do for you!

Fourth - Research on Your Possible Interest(s)! Once you have figured out what it is that interests you - you need to do your due diligence. You need to check out how to learn, hours to study, or people to contact. Has your past experience help you stand out in any way? Is there a way to bring it in to your future goals? Any ideas?

And Lastly - Whats The Game Plan - how are we going to bring this to fruition? Do you need a 3 year plan? Do you need to find resources for money? Do you need to find teachers? What is your plan of action to be doing what you want to do next? Your remedy blend will help you with this as well. There is always a way to get to the path you are supposed to follow next. Money, fear, relationships will not hold you back. You will find the way to work around it - simply and easily.

When you have the itch inside you. When you feel like your direction in life has changed - you need to recognize it, honor it, and move forward on your continued path to purpose and happiness. Its all about your awesomeness - and you need to share it with the world!

Author's Bio: 

Amy D. Cohen, BFRP, is a Practitioner for Emotional Health, Naturally. She uses flower remedies to reverse negative emotions, thought patterns & behaviors that hold us and our children back from living our best life. Amy travels all over the world to study with the most well respected producers of flower remedies. She is a Certified Practitioner, an accredited teacher, teaching courses and coaching on becoming a Practitioner for Emotional Health, Naturally. Amy also studied homeopathy for three years with the NY School of Homeopathy affiliated with School of Homeopathy in England. She has since formulated an all natural body care line including soaps, body wash, moisturizers infused with a specific blend of remedies made to enhance the positive qualities we wish for ourselves and our children, bringing peace, calm and joy back into our lives. She maintains a consulting practice in New Jersey and does telephone consultations worldwide. You can see her on TV and hear her on top radio stations throughout the U.S. Her website is http://strongestminds.com. She can be emailed at amycohen@strongestminds.com; or skype amy.c.50 or phone at 800-474-1667.