We are not born with innate self-confidence… self-confidence is something we learn. These days society wants us to cower in the corner. But that does not make us great… we have to pull in all the power of the white light into our being via Qigong.

It’s Too Easy to Give Up

Awaken, it’s really too easy to give up on your dream and never make it happen. Sometimes we have to pull ourselves up with our bootstraps and bring in all the power we need to make life happen.

Tell Yourself You are Strong

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that “I AM STRONG” and yell these words out loud at least 10 times a day. Mean these words with all your heart and soul as you yell them out.

Bring Chi Energy Into Your Meridian

Now, stand tall and breathe in and bring your hands out in front of you, and then breathe out and pull your hands towards your abdomen like you are bringing in light into your abdominal area. See the light, feel the light, and do this forcefully and know that the energy of the Universe is now part of your being. This is a powerful Qigong exercise to build inner power. Every martial arts person is full of Chi energy and great self-confidence. Take a martial arts class and create your self-confidence.

Feel the Energy Within

Next, feel that great chi energy within your abdominal cavity flowing through every cell in your body. And now reach down to the earth and pull up Chi energy into your legs and on up into your torso and up into your upper body and head. Feel the energy, breathe in the energy and know you are powerful.

Know the Quantum Energy is Real

What we see in our mind’s eye is real. We now know that in quantum physics that matter is energy and energy is matter and what we can imagine takes on energy. And thus the energy that we envision with our mind’s eye is real. New studies have been done showing that quantum energy and quantum healing really does exist and works. See the energy flowing into yourself and filling every meridian in your whole body.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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