Salary Day means that we all earnestly wait for the day the salary comes in the account. However, it is important to manage it to make better use of salaries. To effectively manage salaries, it is important that you prepare for it before you come into the account.

First of all, you need to make a monthly budget for expenses such as house rent, travel and food, loan formation and investment. This will tell you how much extra money you have to spend and invest after completing the necessary expenses.

Cross check salary slip

When the salary comes to the account, first check your salary slip to see if there is a mistake. You should see in the salary slip that the deduction is in line with the policy and it has come in a bonus, increment or incentive account. You should also check that the salary which is appearing in your salary slip is not the same as the salary has come to your account or not.

Payment of dues

After this you must pay the necessary bill or dues. It includes utility bill like electricity bill, phone and internet bill, rent, credit card bill, loan's EMI. Apart from this, you can also set up an electronic clearing system payment facility to pay your bill. This will allow your bill to be paid on schedule. This will tell you how much money is left in your account after a few days of coming to salary.

Increase your investment

According to expert, your next step should be to increase investment. You can make big funds by investing in early and investing regularly. You can also adopt an electronic clearing system for investment; this will allow you to invest in time. When you are investing, make sure that you have taken adequate insurance cover for your family. It is not just good to take health insurance cover in today's time, but it is essential.

The separate amount for personal expense

Keeping your budget in mind, it is important that you separate the amounts for personal expenses throughout the month. These amounts can be spent on eating out, watching movies, shopping, and on other things you want to do anytime during the month period. It would be better for you to set aside a fixed amount each month for this.

Submit Amount to Emergency Fund

Apart from this, you should also deposit every month in a fixed amount of Emergency Fund. This amount should be different from your regular investment. Regularly putting a fixed amount in the Emergency Fund every month you will have a big fund ready. If you ever need money suddenly, you do not have to withdraw money from your investment. You will be able to meet your needs from your Emergency Fund and your investment will continue.

Salary management will benefit you

By managing your salaries or spending systematic salary, you will have enough money to meet your urgent expenses and responsibilities, and save every month and invest regularly on a regular basis.

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