There are numerous ways discussed online about how to increase blog traffic. Because of the growing popularity of these social platforms a greater interested is directed at how to get more readers. In fact business blogs are popping up all over online as more organizations discover how effective these sites are at gaining exposure. With more people blogging to make money traffic generation has taken on a role of greater significance. It is actually quite academic, more traffic equals more income!

For anybody creating a blog whether for business or personal use here are 5 steps that should be taken to help capture as much traffic as possible.

Track Back Feature

When creating a blog one of the first things you want to do is be sure you have a track back feature on your site. This feature will allow people to conveniently share your URL with others and this is a viral advantage you do not want to miss out on. When anybody visits your site and likes what they see they will recommend it to others using this feature so be sure you have it and that it is enabled.

Keep Posting

Always be sure your site has a fresh and continual supply of content being posted to it whether by you or perhaps guest bloggers. The more you update the more the search engines will come and check out the new content usually giving you a boost in the ranking. This means more blog traffic!

Also remember your loyal readers are counting on seeing new updates so you do not want to disappoint them. Normally as we mentioned above they will refer your site to others through the use of the track back feature.

Social Book Marks

Take advantage of the immense popularity of social bookmark sites by bookmarking your own posts. Also give site visitors the ability to be able to do the same by making a tab available for them to easily bookmark your posts right from your site.

Social Networks

Join a few of the more prominent social networks and share your links at these sites. Now it is best to build relationships here first and that takes a little time so select a few sites with which you are the most comfortable. As time allows 'work' these sites and possibly add some more if they fit into your schedule.

Exchange Links

Visit other blogs within your niche or those with relevant themes and leaves some comments. Be sure your comments are ALWAYS useful and when the opportunity presents itself exchange links with the site owner. In essence you are helping them build up their readership as they are doing the same for you!

It is important to take certain measures in order to increase blog traffic since without readers your site is virtually non-existent. Gaining visitors has become even more crucial due to the fact that many people have begun blogging to make money. Now that more business blogs are dotting the internet landscape so are new and innovative ways to attract viewers to these sites. However for anybody creating a blog and wanting to attract their fair share of online traffic the 5 steps suggested above should always be taken. There will continue to be new suggestions or techniques as to how best one can attract people to their blogging site. Some may work and others may not but by taking the 5 steps discussed above you will establish a very solid foundation for attracting hordes of readers. It is suggested that these steps are not overlooked!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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