Exercise is the remedy of many diseases, which keeps you fit and energizes the body. Nowadays stress and anxiety have become common from children to the elderly. Everyone has stress due to some or the other, which is fatal for your body. Stress itself causes anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure and insomnia. Therefore, it is important to identify the causes of stress and correct it at the right time for which exercise is a good way. You can relieve stress through exercise. This is a better natural remedy, in which you do not run the risk of any side effects. So whenever you are stressed, you must exercise. Let us tell you what exercises you should do to avoid stress.


Do meditation twice a day for at least 5-5 minutes. This will relieve all nerves and will also bring peace to mind and heart. For meditation, sit on the ground by laying mats. Keep the waist straight and rest your hands on your knees. Now close your eyes and try to concentrate. Try to concentrate your mind. Doing this for 5 minutes will eliminate all fatigue and stress.

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