The wig market is expanding exponentially. Different hairstyles arrive every season, so it becomes challenging to keep pace with the latest trends. As there has been growth in demand for Brazilian hair wigs following is the complete list of relevant hair trends in the fashion and hair industry across the globe.

Different types of Brazilian wigs

  • Modern Bob wig
  • Aren’t you wondering how can a Bob wig be included in the trend list? This is true that the Bob wig is a classic and timeless hairstyle, but in the present day, a new hairstyle with a Bob wig and long front section gives a contemporary vibe. There are endless color selections when it comes to Brazilian Bob wig. 

  • Headband wigs
  • Headband wigs are giving rise to hairstyles for both short to long hair and straight or wavy hair. This hairstyle is becoming more diverse with each passing day. You can couple it with different varieties of fashionable headbands.

  • Ponytail extensions
  • Although it is not a wig, it is a popular and commonly used Brazilian hairstyle included in the trending list. Hair extensions can enhance any hair length, hair color, or hair texture.

  • Fringe wig
  • It is a trend in the Brazilian hair market that fits any hairstyle. These wigs are machine-made and are less expensive than your lace wigs. These wigs make you feel chic and beautiful, and you’ll feel like wearing them every day since they are easy to use.

  • Pixie style wigs
  • It comes in different colors and styles and ranges from curly to straight to modern styles. This hairstyle wigs are easy to use and maintain as well. It is one of the favorite of wig enthusiasts.

    Different hairstyles using a wig 

    When you buy a wig, you generally get influenced by hairstyles that we see on most models. The biggest benefit of buying a Brazilian wig is that you can style it in several ways you want. The next time you buy a Brazilian wig, try the following hairstyles to look different. There are high chances of making memorable moments wearing the wig.

    If you are confused about how to style your wig, then the following are the easy tips for hairstyling that can be created to give a stunning appearance without any professional help.

  • Adding waves as well as curls
  • There are different ways to add waves and curls to your hair, using traditional rollers, flat iron, or curler. If you are styling with synthetic wigs, then use heat-resistant wigs. Keep the temperature of the styling tool low to minimize heat damage. Add hair spray to give an everlasting impression on your curls.

  • Low buns
  • You can make different kinds of buns and get a charming hairstyle. If you have front wigs, then low buns will be ideal for you since you need not be concerned that there is no lace in your wig at the back of your head. You can watch YouTube tutorials to learn how to make a low bun hairstyle. You can have a low bun style with a few loose strands to add a feminine touch.

  • Half-ponytail 
  • Brush your hair's front part and tie it all together in the form of a bun or ponytail to get this look. You can get a casual hairstyle by picking only the topmost part of your hair while leaving the front strands falling on your face lose. If you want a formal look, then pull the front portion of the wig and then add some curls to the half ponytail that will give you a dramatic appearance.

  • Hair Accessories
  • You can add beautiful hair accessories for styling your hair. You can use hair clips/hairpins/headbands as per your choice to suit your personality and style.

  • Short Bob Brazilian style
  • This is another hairstyle, especially for Bob hairstyle lovers. You can style your Bob look with a classy font style. Many Brazilian hairstyles start from short, long, curly, wavy extensions that can suit your preference and taste. There are different colors to match your skin color.

    Before styling your hair wig, you need to take the first step of cleaning the wig and detangling it. You can use Detangling brush to minimize damage and breakage. If you’ve washed your wig, dry it completely before you start Detangling the hair strands.

    If you are interested in buying a new Brazilian wig to jumpstart your styling journey, you should consider us as we have an amazing collection of Brazilian hair wigs that caters to the preference of all. We help you to get new and trending hairstyles with these wigs.

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