There are many different styles of writing sales copy that can be used to persuade readers to make purchasing decisions. The style used by any given copy writer is normally based upon their market research and their individual skill sets. Learning how to write persuasive copy is a mixture of becoming familiar with not only your target audience but also the product or service you represent. Combining any useful information they have accumulated a copywriter can than choose the writing strategy that is most suitable for their cause and audience.

Here are 5 of the most popular writing strategies you will find used to deliver sales copy on the internet.

Using Repetition

By repeating the points you want to make throughout the content you present to readers you can continuously 'reinforce' them. In this way people are clear as to what your message is intended to convey.


It is human nature to get the opinions of others to help strengthen your own convictions when making a decision. Social proof serves this need and can be supplied to readers of your sales copy by the use of the 'positive' testimonials of others.

Present & Solve a Problem

By presenting a problem and detailing how undesirable it can be to you or your readers you have now laid the groundwork for presenting a solution. At this point people are clear as to how much they do NOT want to experience the negative experience this problem presents. Now is when you introduce the 'solution' strongly reinforcing how it can solve the problem or even present it from happening.

Learning how to write persuasive copy often starts with reminding people of the problems they face FIRST. Once a readers has been freshly agitated by the threat of the problem they will likely be VERY receptive to your solution. It is all a matter of reminding them they need the solution you offer.

Feature Benefits

Featuring benefits is one of the most often utilized approaches of all the varying writing strategies a copywriter may use. Enticing people with the benefits they will enjoy once they take the action suggested is a proven and successful means of written persuasion.

Shared Experience

A great way to get others more 'involved' in what they are reading is to share an experience or story to which they can relate. Getting points across through the use of storytelling is a subtle way of having others 'experience' for themselves what it is you are trying to convey. Choosing a story or experience that most can relate to tends to 'draw' people in allowing them to 'persuade' themselves. Since their decision was made in this way they are much more comfortable with it.

There are many different styles of writing a copywriter can choose from to deliver their message online. The first step in learning how to write persuasive copy for your unique application involves researching your target audience and the product(s) you represent. At this point the copy writer is better able to choose what strategy will work best for them. The 5 writing strategies we discussed here are among the most popular used online and any of which may be suitable for your own needs. The only other variables to consider is your particular skill sets and comfort level with the varying strategies you are considering.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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