Making it in an industry that feeds off of innovative ideas and newness requires acting on an idea before anyone does and it gets replicated to then become old school.

However, it is a lot easier said than done. It is in no way easy for a business to develop an app and launch it in the market for mass usage all within a matter of few days especially when there is no scope to compromise on the quality.

Lowering the time to market without making a compromise on the quality and user experience is something that calls for taking precise, well calculated steps.
And that is exactly what we are here to talk about today. In this article, we will be looking into the five ways that guarantee faster launch time

Here are Five ways that would expedite your mobile app development process without expecting you to make a compromise in terms of quality and the value that your business is offering.

1. Minimum Viable Product

The one age old practice followed by agencies to lower the time to market days is launching the MVP in the market. MVPs are those app versions that result from mixing in the app’s basic features and a selection of features that separate your app from the others in the market.

Investing in MVP development makes the most profitable sense as the app that is rolled out in the market has the best that you have to offer developed at much lower cost than a full-fledged mobile application.

Since MVPs are developed with the aim to create a product that showcases the best of an app idea while not being loaded with n-number of features, the time it takes to develop an MVP is much lower, which in turn expedites the time to market.

2. Reusable Codes

There a number of features that are similar across apps like the sign in option or the like, share, and comment trio, amongst others. The chance of seeing a similarity between features is even higher when you look into apps in your category.

Now, if you are partnering with an established mobile app development company, chances are that they would have worked with more than one app in a particular category, which would give them to access to reuse the code that they used to develop the common features.
When you decide to introduce the concept of reusable codes in your mobile app, the development effort of coding every functionality from the scratch gets eliminated. And this, in turn, speeds up your mobile app development timeline.

3. Automated Testing

The third most vouched for process for expediting the app development timeline is using Automated Testing.
Testing usually accounts for 20% of the app development process timeline, a percent that greatly reduces when you are adding automated testing in your process in place of 100% manual testing.
While you should keep the security testing part for manual testing, the part where you are testing for correct functioning of buttons or are checking if the contact us form is working can be given to automated testing tools to handle.

When you pass over a percent of testing processes to automated tools, you get to save a good percent of the development which then gets deducted from the total timeline.

4. Agile Methodology

Although a no-brainer because there are hardly any mobile app development company left in the world that still relies on Waterfall model, companies following Agile method for the app development vouch for the time it saves and the number of mistakes that it lowers.

By applying Agile process in your team you get to divide the whole development process into two weeks sprints that allow you to develop multiple functionalities of the app at the same time, instead of waiting for one to complete before you move on to next.

Since every process - designing, coding, and testing - related to a specific subset of app development happen at the same time, businesses get to finish the app creation process in a very short span of time.

5. Outsource

The number one culprit behind stretching of mobile app development process is businesses trying to develop the app in-house. The development timeline automatically exceeds the moment brands, instead of passing the responsibility to an agency that excels in the app development process, believes that their team of JS developers will be able to carry it off.

Businesses, fail to understand that there is a special skill-set that is the source of a successful mobile app and no matter how technically sound their team is, the chance of them designing and developing a bug-free app is very minimal.

So here were the five ways that guarantee to lower the time to market without even a single ounce of compromise in terms of quality.
Do you know of any other methods as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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