Will there soon be enough energy, water and food for everyone? More and more people are joining in and the earth is warming up. How can we do that? Perhaps with these 5 fantastic, sustainable inventions.

1. Vertical agriculture

The earth becomes fuller and fuller. All those people have to eat, but do we still have enough agricultural land for that in the future? One of the solutions for lack of space is 'vertical farming'. A kind of apartment building but for fruit and vegetables.

2. Sunroof tiles

Elon Musk unveiled the first solar roof tiles a while ago. Musk says they look better, generate electricity, last longer and have better insulation. They would also cost less than a normal roof. If all of that is correct, they may also be on your roof in the near future.

3. Innovative wind turbines

The wind is an important source of energy, but there is also much complaining about it. Some people are bothered by the sound that windmills make, or they just don't like it. But the French NewWind has found something on that. What do you think of this fairy-tale artificial tree? Even when there is little wind, this tree still generates energy!

4. Seawater that you can drink

In 1920 the first solar distillatory was designed. A device that can turn salt or brackish water into freshwater. The device consists of 2 layers. The top layer is filled with seawater. This seawater is heated by the sun and evaporates. The water vapour is collected in the lower half of the capacitor and is now sweet. Perfect for countries that lack drinking water.

5. Pineapple leather

Shoes made from a pineapple? In the Philippines, they make sneakers that look like they are made of leather. In reality, they are made from the leaf fibres of a pineapple. An environmentally friendly alternative to leather. It is called Pinatex. Pinatex also provides extra income for the farmers. That's because they can now also sell leaf fibres in addition to the pineapple.

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