Water damages are a common issue, and it can take place by accidentally dropping your phone in the toilet. Liquids are harmful to iPhones. If iPhones come in contact with moisture, then the internal parts of the phone can be damaged, which will make your phone ineffective. Water damages can be understandable or invisible.

Significant issues can be caused within the delicate internal circuit of your iPhone because of water damage. However, you can identify whether your iPhone is water damaged with the help of its inbuilt liquid indicators that help you to know your phone has been exposed to moisture.

Water Damage Indicators Of Your iPhone

Look for the following symptoms to know whether your iPhone is water damage:

  • Issues In Switching On Your Phone

You can get to know if your phone is water damaged when it is not turning on. Moreover, you can also experience a white screen on your iPhone while switching on your phone. This is commonly known as “White Screen of Death.” You need to immediately go for phone repairs in Ballarat if you find this symptom.

  • Hardware Breakdown

If the speaker and microphone of your iPhone do not work properly, then this is a sign of water damage. The damage might impact on some specific components of your iPhone, depending on how water got into it. After a few days of water logging on your iPhone, it will start overheating, which is another symptom of water damage. This can make your iPhone stop functioning without any warning. In this case, you need to switch off the phone immediately and take it to a service centre.

  • Issues In Applications

If your iPhone is water damaged, then the email and other programmes will open and close unexpectedly. To be more precise, the iPhone will freeze. This might not occur with other symptoms.

  • Warning Messages Showing Up Often

You will experience issues while connecting your iPhone to cable for syncing it or when charging the device. You might receive error messages like: “iPhone does not support this accessory” or “Charging is not supported with this accessory”. These warning messages, along with the sync issue of your phone, are symptoms that your iPhone is water damaged.

  • Look For Available Liquid Indicators

To check the liquid indicators of your iPhone, you need to use a magnifying glass to look inside of the headphone jack and find a red dot in the back portion of your headphone jack. You can also look for the red dot inside your charging jack. This is one of the most significant signs of water damaged on the phone.


You should not attempt to open and repair the water damaged phone by yourself. It can cause further damages to your phone, like cracking the case of our iPhone or causing a rupture in the protective seals.

Therefore, if you find out the above water damaged symptoms, then you need to opt for iPhone water damage repair immediately so that your phone can be fixed, but delaying it can cause permanent damage in your iPhone.

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