Your beautiful ‘green’ lawn serves as a wonderful façade giving onlookers a fair idea of how the rest of your house looks like. And even though maintaining it does involve a lot of hard work, there’s no doubt that it definitely helps elevate the overall curb appeal of your property.

Artificial turfs are a popular choice among many homeowners for achieving captivating lawn designs not only in Mandurah but across the globe. And if you wish to install a synthetic turf on your yard, then here are 5 wonderful landscaping ideas which you can implement.

1. “Use It to Frame Tree Edges”

Not every landscaping or home improvement project needs tearing down each part and replacing them with new and eye-catching features. In fact, some landscaping projects may involve highlighting the aesthetics of your property as it exists. 

Using artificial grass and taking help from a notable landscaper serving in Mandurah, you can frame all the tree edges and make it look both neat and properly maintained. 

2. “Mix It with Your Concrete Walkway & Further Beautify With Ornamental Plants”

Does your lawn area appear unappealing and old? Fret not. You can easily combine the synthetic turf with your existing concrete walkway and further beautify it with the surrounding ornamental plants and flowers. 

Doing so allows you to achieve a sharp contrast between the cold, hard concrete surface and the warmth of vibrant green plants. For best results; you can even look to invest in plants known to produce vibrant flowers.

3. “Add Flowering Plants around the Turf”

You can even add brightly coloured flower-bearing plants around the installed synthetic turf. This will help you achieve a relaxing spot having a good mix of pleasing colours.

The setting would be pretty much similar to a golf course where you see a perfect green space as far as your eyes reach out with colourful plants and flowers surrounding it.

4. “Create a Green Porch for Relaxing”

Wish to incorporate a contemporary landscape design for your lawn space? If so then creating a green porch solely for unwinding sounds like a good idea. The clean lines and corners lend a homier feel to the lawn space. And since artificial grass doesn’t need much watering, mowing or other general maintenance, it will prove to be a worthy investment. 

5. “You Can Even Create Floor Art”

Artificial turf comes with lots of benefits. One such is its versatility. With the help of your trusty expert specialising in synthetic turf installation in Mandurah, you can use it to create floor art. 

Use the synthetic turf to ensure the straight lines look more distinct and mix it with hanging pebbles to make them the focal point.


Besides these 5 landscaping designs, there are a hundred different ways by which you can beautify your lawn using synthetic turfs. 

All it needs on your part is a bit of creativity and a diligent team offering all landscaping services near you. So speak to them whenever you are ready. They will be always happy to turn your boring lawn into a jaw-dropping one. 

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