Fashion designing is undoubtedly a hot career and one that many creative and fashionable people aspire to do. Whether the job calls for haute couture creation or a stint in a retail outlet or theatre production, it will surely be an exciting experience. However, like many other fabulous careers, it is not without difficulty. In fact, the tasks can be so gruelling that even with innate fashion designing skills you need to enrol in Fashion Designing Courses to get a grip on your role. Here are the top responsibilities of fashion designers:

Researching. Research is key to a creation’s success so do not overlook this part. Studying trends is important because fashion is one field that thrives in what’s in. Research can be done by the designer in most small-scale endeavours but in established fashion houses, it is often performed by a team or department. In media and theatre productions, directors and show designers are likely consulted.

Designing. While research is the brain of this career, designing is the heart. It is the most difficult to master and sets apart brilliant fashion designers from mediocre ones. There is a technical side of designing though that you ought to learn in fashion designing courses: using CAD or Computer Aided Design. While good old sketching still works, CAD can make more elaborate presentations.

Selecting. For a design to come alive, selection of colors, fabrics and other materials for the garment or fashion accessory is very important. Fashion designers do have a lot of things to consider in this aspect, for instance, the personality of the wearer and the climate where the items will be marketed. Typically, this is also determined by cost and availability of materials, particularly fabrics.

Creating. Not all fashion designers are required to sew but most of them have active participation in creating prototypes or patterns. They also have a say in employing seamstresses and in supervising the production of their designs. Keep in mind that even the best designs will be in vain if the end product turns out dull and lacking. As a designer, you should ensure that creation goes well.

Marketing. For a fashion designer to earn well, good marketing skills is a must. It involves building an impressive portfolio as well as a reliable network that would help in selling the designs or in getting new clients. Many creative people are not really keen on tasks like marketing. If you need help in this department, sign up for a Fashion Design Certificate course with a module in marketing designs.

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