With the advancement of technology, smart treatment plans are added to benefit the healthcare industry. There are numerous digitally enabled products as the outcome of the technologies that doctors are utilizing in improving patient’s quality of care and ultimate outcome.

According to the results taken from the Clinical studies, it's already proven that with the use of digitally enabled devices, we can improve outcomes for patients and this results to a 23% reduction in hospital readmissions.

Here you can learn more about the top 5 Health Technologies that are helping doctors and patients in disease detection, monitoring, and quality of care. Technologies are providing a positive impact on physicians’ work in the long term.

#Big data: Big data model has been developed to solve a specific problem with the process of analyzing complex data sets in order to gain accurate insights that can be employed. Big data enables doctors to analyze the variety of factors that could be used to predict the likelihood that certain populations will develop cardiovascular diseases over time. It is mainly used to detect and predict cardiovascular diseases.

#Artificial Intelligence: This is the technology, that gives the capability to allow massive amounts of data to be fed into algorithms which then assist physicians in making the best decisions about the health of their patients. With the ability to interpret the data in greater depth, made AI to help physicians in improving their patient care. For a cardiologist, AI is very useful as it provides a set of tools to augment and extend the effectiveness of the care.

#Chatbots: It can help physicians in their day-to-day life as it can get routine data from a patient and then pass that information directly to the primary physician. Best thing is that this type of technology can be easily integrated with other software systems doctors already use in their current practices.

#Telemedicine apps: It gives the ability to monitor patients from a remote location. It helps the patient and a doctor in timely diagnosis and management of arrhythmias and heart failure symptoms, leading to better clinical outcomes.

#Sensors and instructive messages: Tele monitoring actually helps patients in Reducing Hospitalization and Cost of Care. When patients have the ability to see the results they have with treatment using digitally connected solutions, they are significantly more likely to improve their condition over time. It also helps them manage their chronic conditions over time.

In short, Health Technologies are giving a positive impact on physicians and patients life.

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