Everywhere you look, there's bound to be technology there. Technology has become such an integral part of life these days that they're borderline inescapable. This especially rings true when it comes to the workforce. Almost all industries have incorporated technology into their daily operations. Some even heavily rely on it as well. Without technology, various fields wouldn't have evolved and advanced as quickly as they did. Moreover, some industries were also born through technological advancements. A good number of jobs that used to be done without technology are now extremely dependent on such, and the relationship can only go deeper than how it is now.

Similarly to other entities in this world, technology has its fair share of trends. Some of which affect the industries that rely heavily on it. It's through such trends that it's relatively easier to gauge the importance and relevance of technology to a particular field. Here are some that hold the most weight.

Social Media

Perhaps the greatest and probably the most impactful technology trend that has forever changed the way people live is social media. Through technology, this new medium has allowed people to interact in various ways that wouldn't have been possible a couple of decades ago. Nowadays, however, a social media page has become vital in pushing your business forward and sharing valuable information to the right audience. Even when you're applying for a job, having your own social media has become some sort of requirement that can make or break your chances into getting the position.

One of the industries that have been most impacted by social media, especially nowadays, is the news and current affairs business. Because of such a medium like social media that so easy to use, the spreading of false information, more commonly known now as "fake news," has become extremely rampant. On the other hand, various businesses, particularly those of the retail kind, got the better end of the social media stick as they now have better access to understanding what their customers and clients want. Various companies in this field have even relied on social media for the survival of their brands.

Data Information

Before, when you needed to have something is done, such as book an airline ticket or pay your taxes, you had to go to their respective offices and fill out information sheets. Nowadays, this can be done online with the help of technology. This trend of data information, that has helped various entities evolve, is incorporated in a vast array of establishments and business to speed up their processes of handling customers and clients. There's no longer any need for you to go to the office, fill up a sheet, and wait until they include your file in their stock.

For employees in said businesses and entities, while their job is made easier and quicker, there's more weight to their responsibilities. Firstly, they have to make sure that the information encoded is accurate and current. Otherwise, this may cause a serious breach that can ultimately get you fired for carelessness. And while they no longer have to file paperwork in cabinets in the office, they still have to ensure that the information of millions of people is protected within their own database. Cyber-criminals can easily hack into a company's system and steal valuable information to their benefit. What's worse is that this is a type of crime that's not easy to solve.

Blockchain Technology

Ever heard of a blockchain? This is the type of technology that's used to handle, manage, and exchange cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, however, a lot of businesses from different industries are incorporating blockchain technology into their systems. In fact, even governments are now relying or are examining the possibility of relying on their country's finances and other issues through blockchain technology. Arguably, there are a lot of positive sides into using blockchain technology. One is that it's way more complicated to navigate, and no matter how experienced cybercriminals are into hacking all sorts of technological mediums, blockchains can prove to be explicitly challenging.

Since this is also a consensus-driven medium, it's easier to track the information protected in this technology. Almost all blockchains are or can be synchronized, and whatever information you might have can accurately be the same in others as well. There's now no need for the collection of data as blockchains can help spread it in safe and secure manner. And of course, the rise of cryptocurrencies, for which a lot of businesses now see as legitimate and legal compensation, will be better handled with the help of blockchain technology. No matter what specific type of cryptocurrency your company accepts, and there are hundreds available now, you can now easily transact them

Artificial Intelligence

Previously, humans used to dread artificial intelligence and even see it as a possible pathway to a dystopian future. Nowadays, however, things are incredibly different. a flurry of industries now relies heavily on artificial intelligence to improve their operations. Take the transportation business for example. Thanks to programs such as Waze, a taxi or bus driver can now navigate through the streets that much easier. They can even pinpoint which certain areas to avoid and if there are accidents on your path to your destination. There are even certain programs with artificial intelligence that can detect what your preferences in terms of music, movies, TV shows, etc.

Humans have also received new companions because of artificial intelligence, and they can possibly endanger certain jobs as well. The likes of Siri and Alexa have become so life-like that a good number of people now prefer them instead of hiring other people to do the work. Business executives, for example, no longer need loads of assistants and secretaries as Siri can do the work accurately and for no price at all. In the same vein, Alexa has become somewhat of a tutor for many through her quick use of the internet to give valuable information.

Augmented Reality

The app "Pokemon Go" has changed the way people see reality. This was a trend that used to be on the rise, but because of the game's massive popularity, it's now bigger than ever before. Augmented reality is different than virtual reality as the former still encapsulates you with reality but enhances it for various features. This, in turn, has given various industries particularly the creative industries, a chance to visualize their ideas before physically executing them.

Furthermore, because of the controversies associated with Pokemon Go, particularly the accidents people fell into while playing the game, the healthcare industry also saw a rise in operations due to augmented reality.

From now on, it’s unwise to underestimate the power of technology. It’s become an integral part of life, especially for a lot of industries today, and these big 5 trends stand proof of such.

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Anthony Ong is a freelance writer that regularly contributes to Pixel Papa. He usually writes about technology, graphic designs, and the various trends that abound both.