Payroll management system is one of the crucial aspects of any business and a huge responsibility on the part of any HR and accounting personnel. An employee in charge of processing the payroll system needs to be abreast of changing rules and regulations to meet the statutory compliance in the best possible manner. A smooth payroll system can motivate your staff, boost productivity and help your organisation stay away from legal implications. On the contrary, critical payroll mistakes can create a negative remark on your organisation and agitate your staff.

This article speaks about the common payroll mistakes to make you aware in advance.

  • Manual Data Entry

Mistakes during payroll processing are bound to happen if data entry is done manually. Most of the time, an in-house employee is not sufficient to handle the pressure of payroll management system and tend to commit mistakes if the workforce is huge. Moreover, manual payroll systems involve huge paperwork and create an administrative burden on your HR personnel. 

  • Mishandling of Payroll Documents

For business owners who have deployed staff for handling the paperwork and employee records end up with costly payroll blunders. Organising papers and valuable documents is itself an art and can be handled only by professionals offering payroll services in Mississauga who have good knowledge of record-keeping. Ignoring to save records in a central server or improper handling of documents can lead to a serious mess during payroll processing and put you into trouble.

With the rapid advancement of technology and significant improvements in accounting software, it's has become quintessential for companies to install latest accounting software for fast and accurate calculation of payroll. Payroll programs that are outdated and incompatible fetch high potential for recurring mistakes and make your staff prone to unintended errors. In addition to miscalculation, tracking employee absenteeism becomes difficult and time-consuming.

  • Manual Entry of Absenteeism

Having to track employee’s sick leaves and holiday vacation manually is a nerve-wracking experience for any HR personnel. It fetches high chances of unintended errors and makes your employees victim of unnecessary salary deductions. Using paper time cards or manual entry in the register books can increase the chances of errors and do nothing good during payroll processing. Needless to say, unnecessary salary deductions can de-motivate your staff and create negative feedback about your company.

  • Missing Deadlines of Tax Payments

Depending upon the amount of payroll taxes you collect, your tax deposits may vary and can be due either monthly, quarterly or yearly. If your country or city has provisions for collecting income taxes as well, you need to invest in professional payroll services in Oakville to cross-check the due dates for that as well. Late filing of taxes can impose high penalties and outstanding interest. Moreover, late tax payments can create a negative remark about your company. Therefore, proper calculation and filing of payroll taxes are important to avoid adverse consequences.

Last Words

Check whether you are making any one of the payroll mistakes mentioned above and rectify it before things turn out worse. However, if you don’t want your in-house employees to deal with it, you can always invest in professional payroll services to ease the task.

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The author has been providing accurate and reliable payroll services in Mississauga & Oakville and keeps on educating business owners about the benefits of outsourcing payroll management services to sustain good mutual relationships with employees.