One of the top tourist destinations in Karnataka, Mysore is also its second largest city. Its royal heritage and amazing citadels woo thousands of tourists. The city is linked with legend of Tipu sultan, regarded as one of the top freedom fighters India has ever produced. The architectural wonders of Mysore are major crowd pullers but it also has other types of attractions for the visitors. From the shopping zones to natural sightseeing and amazing cuisine, Mysore will entice your mind with its charms.

Top 5 things to do when visiting Mysore

Whether you visit Mysore as part of Bangalore tour or choose it for spending some special moments with a beloved one, pick from the Mysore tour packages that cover the following attractions:

1. Visit the grandiose Amba Vilas Palace-

It is not without reasons that Mysore is referred to the City of Palaces. The major tourist attraction of the city is the majestic looking Mysore Maharaja Palace also called the Amba Vilas palace. Set up in 1897 by noted British architect Henry Irwin, this wooden palace has a unique Indo Saracenic Revival style architecture and craftsmanship is amazing. It used to be the former residence of the Wodayars royal family. The three-storied edifice is made of layers of fine gray granite and the domes are made of deep pink marble. In night it is illuminated with 98000 bulbs and the spectacle is stunning. The interior of the huge palace is also awe inspiring and there are plenty of artifacts inside. You can find several temples in the palace complex and the edifice wears a grandiose look during the annual Dasara (Dussehra) festival.

2. Explore the picturesque Brindavan Gardens-

If you are not very fond of citadels and temples, Mysore still has something for you! The beautiful and well maintained garden is ideal for spending a day with family or kids. It is almost 18 km from Mysore and the soothing greenery has a relaxing effect on the eyes and mind. The grassy green slopes along with pretty fountains add to the visual appeal. It is best visited in the winter months. It took 5 years to set up this lavish garden and construction was wrapped by 1932. The Cauveri River flows alongside the garden making it an ideal spot for imaging. It was revamped once in 2005 for digitizing the musical fountains. Among the flora you find here, the notable ones are bougainvilleas, celosia, and marigold.

3. Visit the pretty Mysore Zoo-

Those find of wildlife should head to the Mysore zoo. Located approx 3 km from the city center, the zoo has different pricing for weekdays and holidays. Its proximity to the Chamundi hills has made the zoo popular among the visitors. It was set up in 1892 and houses several exotic avian species and wild animals. Now it spans over an area of 80 acres. The animals you find here are 3 types of rhinos, brown lemur, Brown bear, orangutan, tigers. Imaging and videography in the zoo is allowed at additional cost.

4. Shopping and buoying souvenir-

You will like to buy souvenirs for family members and friends while visiting Mysore, for sure! The ideal place for this is the city’s silk factory. You can witness production of iconic Mysore silk sari and buy these as gifts. Mysore is also called the Sandalwood City and you should buy at least one product made of sandal wood. Your destination for authentic sandalwood products in the city is Cauvery Emporium. You can also buy quality sandalwood oil.

5. Explore the tranquil, pretty Chamundi Hills-

The beautiful Chamundi Hills is located within 13 kms of Mysore and it is a nice viewpoint to get view of the city and surroundings. There are ancient temples at the hilltop like the Mahabaleshvara temple and The Chamundeswari temple. From the hilltop, you get nice views of places like nearby Karanji Lake and the Mysore Maharaja Palace. The hilltop is ideal for the shutterbugs and you can rediscover serenity here. If you are somewhat adventurous use the stone stairs to reach the hill summit and there is a road too. It will be great if you visit the place at dusk or dawn. Ensure the Karnataka tour packages you assess include these attractions.

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