Successful landing pages are those that create as many conversions as possible. Get it right with your landing pages and the effect they can have on your web business as a whole could be spectacular.

The question being – what makes for a successful landing page?

Perhaps the easiest way to answer the question is to simply look at the kinds of traits and qualities effective landing pages have in common. The following five examples serving as key cornerstones in the creation of landing pages that convert:

1. Clear and Concise Messages
First and foremost, the message of your landing page needs to be crystal clear. You’re looking to persuade the visitor to take specific action, so you need to channel them accordingly. You need a brief and captivating headline, a subheading that pulls their attention into the page and concise copy with plenty of visuals to seal the deal. Simple, attractive and effective – not a word that doesn’t need to be there.

2. They Benefit the Customer
People don’t visit a website for the benefit of the business behind it. They’re online interested in how they can benefit from whatever it is they’re doing. As such, it’s your job to show how what you’re offering can benefit the customer. Whatever action you want them to take, make it clear as to how they can expect to have their life enriched as a result of doing so. Focus on the benefits of your offer, rather than its features and general properties.

3. They’re Well Structured
A good landing page is attractive and appealing in the extreme. The moment you glance at it, you want to study it in full. By contrast, landing pages with too much information, poor layout, inappropriate use of colours and so on have the exact opposite effect. The way your landing pages look might not be as important as the message they deliver, but it matters nonetheless.

4. They Feature Strong CTAs
You want the visitor to take some kind of action, so you need to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Quality CTAs have a surprisingly powerful effect on the actions we take or otherwise. Even if you don’t think you’re the type to follow instructions like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Find Out More’, you probably are. Trial and error by way of split testing is key to gaining the maximum value for your CTAs, which have the potential to make all the difference to your landing pages.

5. They Communicate Credibility
Last but not least, convincing visitors the moment they arrive on your website means validating your credibility and status in an instant. Testimonials, review snippets, star ratings, associations, facts, figures and general ‘badges of honour’ to show the world how great you are. You can’t expect those who are new to your business to take anything you have to say at face value. They’ll want evidence to support your claims to fame, so provide them with plenty of it the moment your landing pages load up.

Author's Bio: 

Chris Jenkinson is UK marketing consultant providing marketing support to businesses.