A successful entrepreneur doesn’t spend too much time slacking off. After all, in the world of business, hard work pays off. Some of the most successful people have described their morning routines, and they all share a number of striking similarities. Notably, they get up very early, have a balanced routine and start working as soon as possible. A busy entrepreneur doesn’t have time to sleep in, and an organized entrepreneur with a precise, well-organized schedule has more time, more energy and more self-control to make it through a day in the world of business. Here are five things ambitious entrepreneurs should do before 7 a.m. every morning.

  1. Get up early

Historically, the most hardworking and accomplished people always get up early. Either rising at the crack of dawn or before the sun does, there’s no idle time or late mornings for the busiest of us. Entrepreneurs should strive for a similar daily schedule. Wake up at 5 or 6 a.m. to give yourself at least an hour in the morning to wake yourself up, go through a morning routine and prepare yourself for the day without eating up too much into productive business time. If you get injured by a truck, you can always consult a truck accident attorney. By getting your morning routine out of the way as early as possible, you’re bushy-tailed and bright-eyed while the less determined are still groggily sipping their morning coffees, giving you a head start on the day (you’ll actually have energy if you remember to go to bed early, as well).

  1. Take some time to meditate

In order to stimulate your energy for the day, you should follow waking up with a period of immediate personal activity. Get out of bed, get out of your bedroom and commit to an activity, whether it’s mindful meditation, light stretching or some early morning exercises. This can stimulate your body in a calm and soothing way that slowly encourages blood flow after a solid night of rest. During this time, you should prioritize yourself and your body, which means no television, no phones, no news and no screens of any kind. Disconnect for your morning meditation.

  1. Eat a balanced breakfast

Fueling up early in the day allows you to access an early morning energy burst, and also gives you time to sit down and finish waking up. Sip some lemon water - which is excellent for waking you up and keeping you hydrated - alongside your whole wheat toast, coffee, eggs and fruit. Focus on a breakfast that’s healthy and not too heavy, as a full breakfast could leave you feeling a little tired again and you need to start your day motivated.

  1. Create a to do list for the day

Before you get started for the day, make sure you know what you’re going to tackle. As you sit down to eat your breakfast, lay out all the tasks you need to accomplish for the day. Be thorough, including everything from business accomplishments to a grocery list to tasks you don’t want to forget. Prioritize them, schedule them and make sure you didn’t forget anything. By setting a list for yourself, you ensure you don’t get sidetracked during the day and can accomplish meaningful tasks.

  1. Get to work

Don’t daddle. Once you’ve drawn up your to-do list and finished your breakfast, it’s time to start working. Entrepreneurs who begin their day early can get more done. You have the luxury of a longer business day and get the chance to interact with your fellow busy entrepreneurs also up this early.

Your to-do list may change throughout the day, and you may not accomplish everything you want to do. But by starting your day early and preparing yourself thoroughly, you ensure that you have the greatest opportunity to get it all done and more.

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Entrepreneur and business manager.