Intimacy feels good and makes a person feel loved and wanted. It is not just about sexual satisfaction; it is the closeness between two people. It usually occurs in relationships as two people get to know each other better. Intimacy involves emotional and physical closeness. Whenever you are getting intimate with someone, there are two parts to it - emotions, feelings and the physical intimacy part. When we get intimate, we definitely focus on the physical or sexual aspects of it. But not so much on other things. So, here are five things, that you mustn’t ignore when you are getting intimate with your partner.


The ambience is important for the overall mood. Whenever you go to a restaurant or choose a restaurant for something special or important, you also look at the ambience – the setting. The tables, décor, atmosphere and the behavior of the serving staff. All of this contributes to the ambience. Similarly, when you are getting intimate, you should be checking the ambience. That is why on special dates, some men do take the effort of getting romantic music, candles, dinner and a perfect setting so that the partner feels special and can engage in romance. Imagine trying to get into the mood in a crowded public place, it is going be off-putting. Whereas an intimate setting with soft lighting and a good ambience, like a private room on the beach, will be so good.

Good food and drink

Apart from the ambience, wining and dining your partner adds to the intimate moments you create. Very few will be unhappy if you treat them to a good meal at a good place and shower them with attention. After all, it is love and attention that humans seek. It shows that you care about them and doing such things make the partner feel comforted and secure. This in turn makes you both more intimate. A posh restaurant and some nice wine will always uplift your mood and help in scoring points for intimacy.


Building intimacy isn’t just about wining and dining, it is also about getting close physically. Of course, there is vanilla sex that couples indulge in and creates a bond. But that bond can be made stronger with more sex. By more sex, I mean getting sexually adventurous. This is because after a while, vanilla sex may seem boring to you and at this point going for role play or a naughty bedroom costume can change things a bit, make it exciting. There is no right or wrong during sexual exploration and after this, you can decide what you want to partake in more than once.


Comfort is of utmost importance in an intimate relationship. Intimacy is created only if both parties are comfortable in each other’s space. Awkwardness or even anger can affect intimacy and hence it is necessary to consider this as a factor. Even if you are getting sexually intimate, your partner and you must be comfortable with it. Otherwise, it has been seen that sexual performance and satisfaction take a turn for the worse.


The last but not the least factor in an intimate relationship is communication. It is important for emotional intimacy as well as sexual. Human beings aren’t mind readers and both partners must be willing to talk and hash out any differences and misunderstandings. Only when such things are cleared will you grow emotionally close. Just like that, for sexual satisfaction, you must tell your partner what you like or don’t like to get the best experience.

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