Right after you complete graduation, you are most likely to be seized by the desire to pursue your dream job. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, almost 84 percent of the jobs are divided into 3 main segments, these are diploma based, high school diploma based and bachelor’s degree based.

In the United States, High school designated individuals comprise the largest slice of jobs. In that light, does it mean that you don’t have the chance to apply for your dream job after you finish your graduation? Of course, you can, and in this article, we are going to look into the 5 things which will help you succeed.

Create Social Media Profiles:

The tons of photos and selfies that you have stocked up in your Facebook and Instagram profile is anything but professional. Thus, it is advisable not to use these platforms as application tools. Ideally, your potential recruiter should have no clue about your personal life. You don’t want to distract the HR managers with the pictures from your last beach trip!

The best social media platform to be used for professional purposes is Linkedin. Since it is used for a professional purpose, it has a somber tone. Thus get a profile on Linkedin and check out the successful profiles before you get one for yourself.

The Importance of Search Strategy:

Mostly, students have no clue about the kind of job they want to get after graduation. Under such circumstance, they just apply for any type of job initially. This should be avoided.

Since you are a fresher, right out of college, it is the ideal time for you to try and get a job in the field of your interest. It is from there that your career will go forward. Do not waste your precious time on just any other job. Your phones can be of your use in this case. Play with the apps and make use of the Google, Android or iOS store to find out the most relevant job in your field.

Get A Master’s or Ph.D.:

As per Forbes, the unemployment rate for college students is just 2.5 percent. In that light, you should try and get the highest level of academic qualification no matter what happens. It is easy to get a job right after graduation, but if you wish to grow in that selected field, you have to increase your value and only a higher degree can help you do that.

Getting a Ph. D. is quite challenging, but the good news is you don't stand alone. There are lots of material available online and you can take help from those.

Get Into Relevant Internship Programmes:

Whether we like it or not, life for an absolute fresher is tough, It is rather difficult to get a job right after college with zero experience. Thus it is advisable to apply for an internship programme or voluntary programs in your related field. Take up the offer even if it's not paid. The main purpose is to gather experience.

While studying in college focus on learning new skills and don’t run after money making. It is through these skills that you will get a post-grad job soon. However, the college cannot teach you everything that you will require for your first job.

But it's important to learn as must as you can and build your professional skills.

Develop A Noteworthy Resume:

Whether you are building a new resume or fixing the old one, there are quite a few things to keep in mind.

Most companies today prefer receiving resume, applications and cover letters via email. Your potential employer will also give attention to what you post online. Thus you must never underestimate the power of the Internet. Based on your activity, Google or other Search Engines are likely to rate you.

While creating your resume, it is a good idea to look into the job description of the profile you want to apply for. Observe and identify the words they have used, and use those words in your resume. This boosts your chance of passing through the company’s screening test.

Nothing in the world comes without effort and in that light, you have to give your best shot. So start early and work harder to achieve your goal. All the best!

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Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide. You can reach him out at www.princekapoor.com