Top five lessons I learned about achieving success

I have always wanted to be a successful person and to reach my goals. As the years passed I managed to reach a great deal of my life goals until I became a success coach.

During these years I met thousands of people who were not successful and I found that even though each one of them was different still they all shared the same traits that prevented them from reaching their true potential.
In this post I decided to summarize the differences I found between the successful people I met along the way and those who didn’t manage to succeed.
The difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones

1)Successful people never form limiting beliefs: After few failures many people form negative beliefs about life and about themselves such as “life is unfair”, “I am not lucky” …etc. These beliefs have the purpose of making the person feel good about himself and of preventing him from feeling guilty. After all if life is unfair then no one can blame our friend for not trying hard because in the end he won’t get what he deserves.

2)Successful people take responsibility: Two people may arrive late to a place then give two completely different excuses. One might say that he was late because he woke up late while the other might say that he is late because the traffic was blocked. The first person took responsibility of the outcome because he understands that even if the traffic was blocked he could have arrived earlier if he woke up earlier. The second person on the other hand blamed an external factor in order to feel ok. Successful people are the ones who take responsibility of the outcomes even if the conditions were not favorable.

3)Successful people never give up: An ordinary person would try once or twice to reach a goal then give up when he fails but a successful person never stops until he either gets what he wants or die fighting. A successful person has a burning passion that always keeps him motivated and focused on his goals and this prevents him from giving up even after failing many times.

4)Successful people keep learning: All successful people know that success doesn’t happen from the first attempt and that in most cases many tries are needed. However, trying to do something many times the same way will certainly result in failure because unless you adjust your method and fix your previous mistake the next try won’t work too. Successful people keep learning new skills and keep fixing their mistakes while trying over and over.

5)Successful people believe in themselves: Try to tell any person about your future plans and intentions and he will tell you that you are mad just because he found that he has to go out of his comfort zone in order to do like you. Successful people believe in themselves to the extent that they aren’t affected when someone tell them that they are mad or that their dreams are impossible.

So how can you become successful?
Its now clear that successful people aren’t successful because of being resource, rich or lucky but they are resourceful because they have a certain mindset that made them become successful.
If you are serious about success you need to do nothing more than acquire this mindset.

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