In this fast running world it is necessary that we match the pace with everything going on in our lives. Transportation has also been through any modifications over the period of time and today our lives seem to be crippled without a fast mode of transport. The roads today are filled with cars that have amazing speeds and modern technologies fitted in them. It has become a necessity for every individual to own a car and more importantly to know how to drive one. When you begin with your driving lessons in Eastern Suberb, there are a lot of doubts and questions that you must be having in your mind, but as you start getting comfortable with the vehicle, you get used to the driving tactics. But not everything can be learned in a driving school! When you first hit the roads after finishing your driving school, it is then when you will get to know a lot more about actual driving and how the experience is.

If you are a beginner in this and are about to have your first drive, there are few things that you must know and keep in mind before you start the engine and zoom away! Keeping these simple guidelines in your mind, will make your first ride a bit more smooth and take away your fear.

Be comfortable in the car- comfort is crucial. You must make sure that you position yourself in the car in a comfortable manner so that you are in full control. You should sit in a way that saves you from back injuries in the worst cases. While sitting in the car, adjust the mirrors properly so that you can see out of all mirrors. Before you begin with driving you must ensure that the seat is adjusted in a manner so that you can work with the brakes and the accelerator comfortably and you need not stoop for that. All this is very crucial because if you are not comfortable in your car, you will be unable to concentrate on driving properly which is absolutely unsafe.

Don’t get distracted- this is a big no, absolutely. If this is your first time behind the steering wheel, then you ought to be extra cautious. You can’t be having your friends sitting behind and clicking pictures with you on this drive at least. Be with someone who is an experienced driver. You need to make sure that all your attention and focus is only on driving. The roads these days are filled with ams and people who drive ferociously, so you need to be dedicated and attentive towards your car and drive carefully. Keep your phone away while driving. Period.

Maintain appropriate distance- it is not just your car that is cruising away in style on the road. There are plenty of other vehicles too, both big and small. Being a beginner you must remember that you need to keep safe distance from other vehicles on the road. It is very crucial to do so because if at any emergency arises, you will have enough time to react accordingly. If you are the good person, following all the rules and regulations and driving safely, it does not mean that the other person is as good as you too.

Take familiar roads- on your first day, it is suggested that you take familiar roads so you do not have to take the help of GPS or be doubtful of the path. Also, stay away from highways as it is difficult driving there and you need time to learn how to control your car.

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