People who take up driving tests fail to crack it at one go, even after going through the training sessions sincerely and adequately. That happens only because they tend to forget a few things while taking the tests.


Here are 5 of them that may cost them the test.


Factor#1) Rushing while Parking


This may seem to be trivial apparently, but if the experienced trainers are to be believed, this is where many of the aspiring driving license holders would falter. So no matter whether it is parallel parking or linear parking, people tend to rush and lose vital points. They would either park the vehicles improperly, misjudge gaps and squeeze the cars in a way that will not please the examiners. The only and only reason behind this blunder is rushing through parking.  


Hence, when it comes to appearing for the final test after going through the curriculums of even a reputed driving school in Liverpool, not rushing through the parking will be handy, when it comes to cracking the test at one go.


Factor#2) Inconsistency in Braking and Accelerating


The person administering the test would like to see the incumbent confidence enough behind the wheel. This shows off at the time of braking and accelerating. Hence, stomping while braking or accelerating will only prove that the would-be driver is not yet confident enough behind the wheel and it will be marked as a demerit.


Factor#3) Learning to Curve


Learning to curve is another chapter that people tend to forget paying heed to properly while taking the driving lessons in driving school in Silverwater, and this leads to their downfall during the tests. In fact, a good hold over the curving techniques is considered as a chief hallmark of a good driver.  


To summarize, a good knowledge of decelerating at the right nick of time while approaching a curve, taking the curve carefully, and then accelerating after taking the curve are all counted as qualities of good driving. Failure to do so is a grave mistake, and people do commit that and fail to crack the driving test.


Factor#4) Mastering the Change in Length  


This is one of the crucial aspects of driving and people falter at it. In fact, it is the most common mistake that people commit, and this happens because they do not take this lesson while being trained in the Banks Town driving school of their choice.


Factor#5) Understanding the signals


Well, it is another alarming error, which costs the drivers their eligibility to earn a license. People are tensed while taking the driving test, but that should not be the reason enough NOT to use common sense while taking the test.  


Most of them would consider that once the signal is green, it’s safe to speed off! It’s wrong, as there will be other vehicles around, and it is essential to consider them as well! Therefore, you see, it’s not that easy and here is where the aspirants need to be conscious. Something they do not do and pays the price!


Hence, people need to pay heed on these aspects while taking lessons from Macquarie Park driving school. That is when ‘things’ are won and lost.

Author's Bio: 

The author owns a driving school with branches in Macquarie Park, Silverwater, Liverpool, and Castle Hill. The author is also a regular blogger.