11.11.11. A Special Day…What They Haven’t Told You

The day 11.11.11 is finally here. Will we fly away to seventh heaven? Will all the ills of the world disappear and will we find ourselves filled with complete love and joy? Is this the day we will get the first glimpse into spiritual transformation? . I congratulate you on gathering people to pray for the Earth and the evolution of all of humankind and for the evolution of all the plant and animal families who share the earth with us. What you are doing is wonderful, but there is another side to this. Shall we talk about it for a moment?

Yes, a beautiful new society that is more beautiful than we can imagine is coming – but not for several years and we must go through some heavy challenges first that require our attention.

5 Things They Haven’t Told You About 2012

First, the shift is coming sooner than we think.

But what is it?

Every change comes with challenges. The first challenge we face is a sense of uncertainty in every aspect of society –economics, politics, housing, education, income, food, energy. Everyone is feeling this but they just can’t put their finger on it exactly. Where is this unease coming from? Why is it so pervasive?

The new spiritual transformation is slowly taking root but at the same time the Earth, our Mother is in great pain. We denuded her trees which are her protection against harmful invasions; we drilled into her mountains which are her bones and marrow. Such unbearable pain we wish on no one.

The process of her healing will be painful for all the people on the earth. A new era will not come automatically. It will come as we now go through the process of acknowledging what has happened to the Earth, apologizing sincerely, and offering a heartfelt action or word to the Earth . When your mother is ill, you give her a hug and bring her tea and warmth and in the process she feels better and so do you.

We need to take responsibility and speak honestly about what the first priority is now. The stakes are too high.

It’s the time to take practical physical and mental steps in preparation. This is the true love and the true meaning the Universe is trying to share with us on 11.11.11.

Second, you are the hope.

It takes a brave soul to be born right now at the arrival of 2012. It takes a brave soul to take action right now and share with others.

I believe you can make a difference. I believe one person can make a difference right now. You can affect change just by changing your consciousness.
What should you do? Start now out by making one sincere prayer for the Earth and all those who suffer. Express one sincere thought such as “I love you”, to the Earth

Third, very simply, this is the schedule of the Earth and the Universe.

The Earth is a planet and each planet has its own evolutionary schedule. The Earth’s evolution went from the Stage of Consciousness (an introduction to virtues through oral history and religion), the Stage of Expansion of Thought ( the age of reason and technology) and is going into the current stage, the Stage of Spirituality, which is the stage of spirituality based on materialism. This is where the Crisis of the earth is originating from.

Just like the world had to redefine itself after the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Earth is at present breaking away from the material civilization and we are seeing its last fight for survival. All of the events in the news can now be seen through this light. To find your way through the dark, you need to know the direction clearly.

Fourth, you are very precious.

You were originally a seed in the Universe, who because of your passion to evolve chose to come to the school called “Earth” in order to evolve. Why?

Because in the universe, evolution happens very slowly, while on the Earth, it happens very rapidly due to the greatest motive of evolution – emotions. When we feel love and hate, a positive thought or a negative emotion, which one do we choose? At every moment we have the chance to choose the positive direction.

It’s time to remember why you chose to come here. You’re role is very important right now. You chose to come here to share with others about the meaning of what is happening right now.

Fifth, share the solutions.

A new beautiful world is coming, but are you ready for the transition? The Universe expects you the ones who are awakened to be soldiers of the Universe who are prepared for this moment. I have faith in you.

Physical preparations are needed. These are the basic things that all of us need to think about:

-growing your own seeds

-storing rain water,

-making eco toilets

-creating communities.

Urban farming and eco-villages are the most practical methods right now. Cuba is over 90% self-sufficient in food. We need to become practical like that.

The process of spiritual evolution starts with understanding the current schedule of the Universe.

The new era we are entering into is the age of universe consciousness and universe breathing. In human history, the brain was considered very important, the savior of humankind through logic. Recently, we’ve seen an explosion of information about the heart. Heartmath has shown us how much more vibrational power the heart has than the brain. However, what is more powerful than the heart? Yup, the gut.

Thus breathing from the gut is now one of the most important things. All emotional, physical and spiritual life is controlled by the power of the gut. It’s our balancing point. It’s where the universe is stored inside all of us. If we wish to be prepared for the new era, we need to align ourselves with the universe compass inside us all.

As for mental preparation, we need to realize we are marching over the hill to where the pasture is greener. If your load is too heavy, how will you get over the hill? De -cluttering our body and mind and emotions is very important now.

A new era will soon emerge over the next 13 years; it will be the paradise we have all dreamed about. First, we must brave the storms that are coming.

Please enjoy a beautiful day on 11.11.11. We will pray for love and healing of the Earth and for all the living beings as well. We will also continue to share with as many people as possible the message of hope for what is coming and practical ways to be prepared. This message is coming from a place of incredible love and hope for humanity. Let us be one today.

Much love to you,


Author's Bio: 

Roar Sheppard is the author of The Universe Speaks: On the Love and Pain of 2012-2025. An American expatriate who has lived in South Korea for many years, Sheppard is a master of the art of Danjeon breathing, which is one of the core secrets of meditation that can connect one to the universe, and he has travelled the world teaching it. He is renowned for his lectures and classes on this and the Four Principles of Human Destiny.