Internet thought leaders are admired and even envied for their seemingly natural ability to build traffic to their site with just a comment or quote! These people tend to stand out at many of the top social networking sites we all seem to frequent online! The question being addressed here today is how can you get more visitors to your site using the same strategy as these leaders of thought do at social sites?

Here's a look at the 5 simple steps these 'gurus of thought' take to assume the dominant positions they enjoy at top social networking sites! Incidentally these steps are easy to duplicate provided you're serious about wanting to build traffic to your own sites online!

They Observe

It's downright foolhardy to assume you can please others in any way unless you first know what they what or what is of interest to them! The first and most logical step is to observe what people are talking about and what are the 'hot button' topics that ignite their response! To build traffic using social sites you must first build a following! This requires getting familiar with what your target audience wants and this can be done by simply observing!

They Create and/or Gather

Once you know what is of appeal to others you can either create or gather information that reflects these interest! Casually sharing what you have to offer will eventually catch their attention and when this is done, the stage is set for you to begin to subtly attract visitors to your site!

They Provide Intrigue

The content you share should prove to be intriguing to the people with whom you want to build a relationship! If you can't intrigue people with what you offer you'll never get their attention! Of course this shouldn't be much of a challenge since your previous observations helped you determine what ignites the interest of these people! Intrigue is very important in terms of how it helps your message rise above the noise most of the top social networking sites continually experience!

They Stay Relevant

Thought gurus typically and for the most part keep their conversations and content relevant to the interest of their audience! When working within the 'boundaries' of social sites however it is necessary to also present a casual side as well which means some of your focus may be merely chit chat! This is extremely important since socializing is the primary objective most people have when visiting any of these communities!

They Do NOT Dominate

Don't try to dominate conversations or discussions but merely they try to initiate them! People considered to be leaders of thought are nonchalant in the way they converse with others and do NOT force their ideas or opinions! In a tactful and subtle way these folks simply 'instigate' and monitor conversations while occasionally offering their input which is always constructive!

Thought leaders are most recognizable at the top social networking sites for their 'ability' to build traffic for themselves with just a comment or quote! Our discussion above 'dissects' the simple 5 step process these 'leaders' go through that enables them to gain their dominant positions on social sites! Being that social marketing is a great way to tons of visitors to your site, duplicating the efforts of these 'thought gurus' makes all that much more sense! The fact is you're not being so much a leader when capturing the attention of others as you are being more an initiator! The key is to dish up relevant and hot topics and than to step back while others add their own input! Your role is to simply and tactfully 'nudge' or direct the conversation in a way that best suits your needs! Mastering the 5 steps reviewed above calls for some patience but when done correctly will sends a steady stream of visitors to your site!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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