The decision to move to a new house is always fraught with questions. You may have enjoyed living in your current residence, but now find you need more space or a location closer to work. Finding the right house to fit your needs takes time and thought, and you should always consider what your needs will be over the longer term. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when choosing your next family residence.


The location of your new home should be one of the primary considerations. You may be interested in a particular school district. You may wish to be within walking distance of shopping, parks, theaters or other amenities. Another consideration is how close you want to be to major transportation arteries, which can cut down your travel time to work, airports and other destinations. Your location can also affect house prices and taxes, so do some research to understand the price ranges of different communities.

Space Requirements

Today’s families change constantly. Some homes have additional space that allows for conversion to other needs, while others do not. The best realtor in your area will keep this requirement of adaptability at the forefront when arranging properties for you to view.

Condition of the House

Give careful attention to the condition of any home you are considering for purchase. You don’t have to worry about every minor, cosmetic problem the home has, but make sure the major systems are in good repair or recently replaced. Otherwise, you may be the one who has to pay for replacement or repair of these items. These systems include the HVAC system, the roof, plumbing and wiring.


A hot real estate market can cause prices to rise significantly and can make it more difficult for individuals to afford a new home. A home that isn’t "perfect" may turn out to be the best deal. Don’t be afraid to consider a home that needs a bit of minor work, but is well priced for your needs.

Maintenance Needs

Certain types of siding need regular repair and replacement. A very large yard will need constant mowing. A long driveway may be a problem during snowy weather. These items will become a part of your budgeting for home maintenance.

If you do your homework, you are more likely to make a good decision about your new residence and can look forward to many years of enjoyment living there. These five tips will help ensure that you have given some important issues the right amount of thought to achieve that goal.

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