Knowing that your valuables are safe in a storage unit while you’re away can help ease the stress a bit. It is also helpful especially when you are planning to move and you are unable to bring with you everything at once. There are people though who continue to be surprised to find out that they chose the wrong company to have storage rental. There are those who immediately blame the company and in most cases they are probably right. There situations though wherein the person who rented the unit could be the one to blame. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a storage unit.

Type of Item

A lot of people think that when you get a storage unit you can just put anything inside it and hope that it will be there when they go back. Even before choosing a rental company you need to determine first what type of items it is you want to store. This will greatly help you in determining what type of rental one should get. For instance to plan to keep important documents in the unit then you should get one where it offers climate control. You may also want to rent a space where there is minimal risk of your items getting wet.


Where you will be keeping your things is as important as knowing what to keep. If the area where you will be storing your items is dry and you plan to store electronic equipment then it should be a storage unit that does not easily allow the heat to go through. Otherwise the whole unit may be like an oven and the part of your equipment may melt.


Since you will be leaving your items to a storage rental company then the type of security is very important. If you are planning to store family heirlooms in the unit then security becomes your very top priority. US Self-Storage for example has electronic locks and has a strong security system in place.


How the company will bill you for the use of its storage is another factor to consider. For instance if you plan to keep your items for more than six months then choose a storage unit rental facility that has long-term plans. If you believe it won’t take a month before you can come back for your things then ask if the company allows for short-term storage.

Company Background

Knowing the company where you will store your items is an important one as well. This is the part where you will need to do a little digging or a little research. If the company you are planning to retain services has a website then go ahead take a look. Take extra notice if they have customer reviews. Remember that in the end it will always be your decision whether you go for that particular storage rental facility or not.

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