Today, there are several options available for anyone looking for drug addiction treatment. In fact, you can choose from many options overseas too, since such rehabilitation services may actually be more economical and of high quality.

Here are five things you should consider while selecting a drug rehab:

1. Experience: check out how long the rehab has been in operation. The longer the experience, the better it is likely to be – with experience comes greater insight and credibility

2. Therapy model: what sort of recovery program does the rehabilitation center offer? Is it a 12 Step model (the most accepted model worldwide). However, the 12 Steps by itself may not be adequate. The rehabilitation services should be integrated and include competent medical inputs and preferably psychological intervention techniques such as CBT and DBT. If the drug rehab also has traditional therapies such as Yoga and Mindfulness, it is icing on the cake!

3. Therapy team: Go to their website and see what sort of therapists are on their rolls. Do they have qualified and experienced staff? Are physicians and psychiatrist available? Even check the qualification of their Mindfulness and Yoga teachers. Keep in mind that the staff should ideally also have one or more recovering person – this lends an invaluable element of empathy to the recovery process.

4. Safety: Some rehabs are cramped and unhygienic. If available, see the images in the pictures gallery on their website. Even if the images are not a true reflection of reality, it will give you some idea of what to expect.

5. Testimonials: The drug rehab may not provide you contact details of ex-clients due to confidentiality issues, their website may have some testimonials – go through them carefully.

While looking for rehabilitation services, think out of the box - you may consider looking beyond your neighborhood. Remember, your choice of a rehabilitation center can make all the difference – between continued misery and liberating freedom from drugs!

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Hope Trust is Asia’s leading treatment facility for addictions – alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling and dual diagnosis. Hope Trust rehab has earned an international reputation for its commitment toward safe, confidential and effective treatment.