5 Things To Know Before You Try Vaping

If you're considering vaping cannabidiol or CBD, or if you're planning to use other vaping products, it's important to get good equipment. Getting things too hot can lead to burning the oil and inhaling the carcinogens. Leaving things too cool means that you inhale waxy deposits that may put you at risk for pneumonia.

Consider a Disposable

If you really don't know what you're doing with a reusable vape pen and aren't sure where to start, a disposable may be a good choice. That being said, be aware that the quality of disposable vape pens runs the gamut. You want to buy a good quality pen that will let you know when it's working. More importantly, you need to know when it quits.

A good vape pen will be activated by the draw on the inhalation end. The other end should light up, or give some indication that the battery in the unit is still working. Don't wait for taste or for your exhalation quality. If the oil isn't heating, you don't want it in your lungs.

Buy Quality Carrier Oil

A medical marijuana dispensary is the best place to get the right oil for vaping. It should be noted that many CBD products designed to be taken under the tongue are already packaged in a carrier oil, but these are for ingesting, not for smoking.

Fractionated coconut oil is commonly used in CBD products designed to be placed under the tongue, but it should never be put in a vaping cartridge and heated to the smoking point. This oil is very stable at room temperature, but not healthy to inhale when hot.

Because CBD vaping cartridges deliver an intense burst of heat prior to your inhalation, you want to do your homework on this and get the safest oil for inhalation. If you can find a pen with adjustable temperature controls, purchase it. If you can't, find a pen with a top temperature limit to avoid burning the oil.

Focus on the Filter

In addition to controllable temperature ranges, invest in a reusable vaping pen with quality authentic CCell cartridges. Many vaping pens have cotton filters, which do keep out some hazardous materials but don't last and can allow waxy build-up, leading to a plugged, ineffective pen.

Ceramic filters will stand up longer and allow those who mix their own CBD blends to use thicker oils. For anyone trying to break away from cigarettes, having a full plume of smoke in the exhalation delivered by an adjustable thermostat and routed through a ceramic filter can be extremely satisfying.

Consider a CBD Isolate

If you're at risk of a drug test at any point, make sure you invest in CBD isolate products. A standard CBD product can still allow up to 3% THC in the mix. Depending on how much you use and how often you dose, this may or may not show up on a drug test. Avoid the risk of triggering a THC level notification by avoiding it altogether.

Do your best to invest in products from organic cannabis farmers. Build a strong relationship with a trustworthy producer and skip the hype and flash that can sometimes get in the way of finding a reliable vaping product.

Buy Pure Oils

No matter what you choose to vape, make sure you buy pure oils to add to your cartridges. It's important to note that a vaping pen with a ceramic filter is actually easier to use with pure oils, as many oil additives are actually blended in to get things flowing.

Vape juice is the standard to add to your vaping pen. If you want to increase plume, you can blend your vape juice in a thicker oil for a bigger draw and larger exhalation clouds. No matter your vaping goals, whether it's just about relaxation, pain management, or fighting anxiety, going for the plume can be very soothing.

The world of cannabis is rapidly expanding. Whether you just want CBD for medical purposes or are interested in exploring the creative benefits of THC products, a quality delivery tool is critical for your health over time. Poor heat control and the wrong oil can be extremely dangerous, so start with basic tools and explore the tools available as you increase your knowledge and skillset.

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