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The issue of fitness marketing to Millenials may be popular, but note that the senior market is still as strong as the Millenials and growing by the day. If you are a personal trainer and you are wondering whether your fitness facility is doing its best to entice the baby boomers, this is the right place.

A generation vowed to stay young forever and is getting older, are designing senior-friendly gyms and become their own personal fitness trainers. For personal fitness trainers, to successfully market to the Baby Boomer generation and keep them engaged in fitness, it is better to understand the social, cultural and values on their health and fitness. Future of Fitness released by Les Mills showed interest In fitness products marketing and services to those born between 1946 and 1964 globally.

Interest in the demographic of Baby Boomers has brought importance for the fitness industry for its incredible growth globally in health club membership. Fitness has truly emerged with Baby Boomers within the fitness industry.

Becoming a personal trainer for Baby Boomers is just like learning to drive. To be an effective personal trainer you have to pass the test and be on the loose. It is important to be confident and open to learning every single day.

Below are the 5 things you need to know if you are a personal trainer targeting Baby Boomers

1. Personal Trainer Salary translates to booming dollar signs. To choose to become a personal trainer is a career and there should be a focus on giving other personal trainers they need to succeed. The probability that this generation will not be able to sustain the increasing need for fitness and health care costs for the Baby Boomers is somewhat terrifying. It is important to know that the overall picture is not always bright for personal trainers. With the fact that anybody nowadays can become a personal trainer without certification and anybody at present can create enticing educational platforms and call themselves “certified trainers”.

2. The value of their health and fitness. Marketing existing fitness products and services to Baby Boomer especially women in their mid-life. It is not as simple as it seems. When you know much about their social, cultural and personal values on their health and fitness, then you know that you can be a personal trainer for baby boomers. Knowing their health and fitness is important not only to assist them in targeting baby boomers but also to enable target products and services fit for mid-life boomers and lessen any perceived gap to fitness development.

3. You understand where they are coming from. Do you know that the phrase ‘baby boom’ was coined to describe the phenomenal rise in the war between post-war marriages following the end of the World War 2? During World War 2, Post-war optimism was imminent and thus the large-scale production of babies made a return to peace, brought normality and contentment of a family life. Thus, Baby Boomers were born in the twenty-year period right after the Second World War.

Baby Boomers are a group of individuals with unique traits. For a personal trainer, targeting Baby Boomers means that you have to know that they have distinctive experiences which draw them apart from the previous generations. These baby boomers were the first fitness enthusiast back in the 80s. Somewhere in the middle, they either burned out or gave up. Now, if you are targeting baby boomers again, get the message that the fitness is a journey and not a destination.

4. Engaged in the marketing of fitness of services and products. Simple steps on how to become a bodybuilder also mean getting equipped with the knowledge of marketing of products and services of baby boomers. A personal fitness trainer does health club marketing to get their client focus on weight loss and health campaigns. By getting equipped with fitness knowledge, they would explain and instruct clients on how to differentiate between body weight and health status.
For an aging female, this can be the effects of menopause. For ages 65 years and above, they need to support a long-term physical activity to make them feel better. And as a personal fitness trainer, this should be known as they enter into a fitness regime.

5. A strong connection with potential clients on a personal level. Personal fitness trainers foster a sense of humor and put a huge amount of effort into developing a comfortable environment for their client. It is a must to consider an atmosphere and not just the exercise that attracts your client to the given mode of activity. How to break the ice between your clients is a necessity.

Provide a variety of mantra with Baby Boomers, a tailor-made or well-rounded fitness program will do to keep your clients active. Be creative, however, make sure that you will not intimidate your clients or increase the risk of injury.



For personal fitness trainers, if you build a connection, they will come and your success rate will skyrocket far batter with some other marketing strategies. Baby boomers would certainly want to hang onto their youth as long as they can, and would do whatever approach that the vast majority will be available in this generation.

Baby boomers have a strong keen for willingness to be challenged. They want to feel young, energized and alive. What they do not have is a lengthy sales pitch for hours and long hours of workouts. So whether you are developing your marketing materials or getting your potential clients to focus on the benefits of exercise, just use simple language. Use inclusive language that will not intimidate or alienate new exercises. Never ever refer to their age. Baby boomers do not want to be called “older,” or “senior”. Instead, show them good results, stories of real people in their age group that you want to attract.

You can use marketing materials such as photographs, images of people with body types range in the age group you want to target. Your most effective tool for recruitment and getting higher rate is your current clientele. Marketing ranks spread thru word of mouth and are among the most powerful motivators with boomers.

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