Job hunting is similar to selling and you will realize that the challenge is tougher to those interested in sales positions. Naturally, employers are expecting that you can convince them to “buy” your services. Hence, you can’t stay complacent during the application process and promise that you will show great work once hired.

Soon as you have expressed your desire to work for a specific company, you need to start unleashing your sales skills. What you have learned from sales course can help you land a job in sales. Here’s how:

Networking. Any good sales course will teach you that growing your client base is one of the most important tasks you would take. You need to develop a strategy to fill your phone book with helpful connections – people who can help you boost sales. There is no difference when looking for a job; you need to connect with people who can lead you to a terrific employment opportunity. When job hunting, know that it’s time to demonstrate your networking skills.

Professional appearance. Don’t underestimate the power of first impression. Employers and hiring managers want to see how you would appear in front of clients and they often gauge this when you appear in their office for the first time. The way you present and handle yourself matters so look like you mean business each time you step into your prospective employer’s territory. You don’t need to wear Prada. Just keep it neat, simple and businesslike.

Customer first. Your ability to make customers feel important and understood will come out in the application process when you show the same to your interviewer. Listen to what he or she has to say so you will be able to answer appropriately. Let the first round of interview be about what the employer needs and how you can provide those. Keep in mind that your employer/interviewer is your first “customer” and you got to close this sale.

Closing and opening a sale. Sales training courses will not only equip you with skills necessary in opening and closing a sale but also in getting the sales job you want. The course teaches you how to create the right atmosphere for selling and you will make one when you enter the interview room. You are also trained how to overcome objections so shoot all employer hesitations dead. It is your first sales battleground after all.

Hard work and patience. Sales training teaches you the value of hard work and patience. You are to face long working hours and even miles of travel. It also teaches persistence and positive attitude. In job hunting, you will all those qualities. Sometimes, even your best efforts would yield rejection. However, you should not let it stop you from digging other opportunities. The right job will be yours soon.

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