Talking can be beneficial to mental health. You can talk to friends, family or others in your social circle. But what about talking to strangers? New people who are online, whom you haven’t met face to face, how do you talk to them? Talking to strangers may seem foreign because you may feel awkward. It is important to remember that every friend you have was once a stranger and now things are different. Talking is a necessity and it’s needed to live a happy life. You will need to talk to strangers to make friends, to find love or even to just ask for help.

Similarly talking on the internet can seem daunting, but with a few tips, you can get there. Talking online may mean chatting or using webcam sites. When you are chatting and not using the camera then you don’t have to show or see the other person’s face. Livecamsites allow you to see the other person while typing and lets you even talk through the PCs mic.

However, when you talk to anyone online you must remember the following.

Safety –

This is the most common rule to follow when you are talking to any stranger. But people think that because they are talking online, they are safe. Danger can come in many forms. During online chatting many break the rule for being safe. Although most people you meet online are harmless, there is nothing wrong in being cautious. Being safe would mean that you mustn’t give way your information to any stranger you meet online. But why would you do that you think? But in casual conversation, you may let it slip.

Be careful of what you are talking about. Also don’t download anything that looks suspicious, sent by a stranger while talking online. If you get the message to download, then run a virus scanner and be sceptical. It could be malware to spy on you or a virus. Some strangers can make you uncomfortable by asking only personal questions. You can tell them to stop and if they continue on that line then just stop the conversation altogether. Talking casually should be fun and not cause for concern or anxiety.

If the conversation progresses well and you decide to meet, remember to do so on safe areas. Public places are the best option for this.

Conversation -

Try starting the conversation with some interesting lines. This is very true on a dating site. If you want to get someone’s attention, boring lines will not work. People in chat rooms may be getting dozens of messages, so how do you stand out? Don’t just say Hi and stop. That is quite odd as there isn’t a response to it other than an awkward Hi in return. Look for ice breakers in the profile. For example, you can talk about their hobbies or the latest movies. Initially, it may seem difficult but with time it gets easier to make conversation.

Listen –

Chatting or any kind of conversation has to flow two ways. You cannot go on and on about what you have to say and not listen to the other person. Go with an open mind and look at interests, share and discuss. You can learn a lot from other people just by talking and listening.
Don’t think about outcome or rejection – Don’t think about outcomes before starting a conversation. That way, there won’t be expectations and you won’t feel bad when they aren’t met. The outcome of a chat could be a person responding to you, agreeing to talk to you or meet you. There is always a difference between what is perceived would happen and what actually happens. Be ok with rejection, as not accepting it can severely limit your ability to make friends.

Try Humour –

Laughter makes any chat joyful and happy. People will love talking to anyone who can make them laugh. This is a stress reliever and makes a person feel good. So, if you want people to talk to you, then definitely try humour.

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