Thailand is a very sought-after mesmerizing tourist location and the natives of the country are warm, hospitable, and filled with fun. An ability to speak and understand Thai will escalate the holidaying experiences in this delightful country, and provide travelers with much profound knowledge of the Thai culture & customs.

To achieve proficiency in the language, a Thai language course in Kolkata is excellent but one needs to be careful & pick up the right course. Why so? It’s because many of us struggle to learn a second language. Why is this? That’s because everything is new including words & grammar. A good program will help learners become an expert quickly & acquire fluency within a few months of training. Results are expected to be quick & worth of spending the money. Here are 5 things to look for in the course:

A good course is engaging to all the senses
Most conventional Thai language courses usually involve the trainers providing learners with bookish knowledge to study and lists of words & phrases to remember. A good course in the Thai language would engage learners and help them learn it by doing, touching, smelling, tasting, experiencing, looking, and listening which enables the memory to acquire a profound understanding of every word, accelerate their learning speed and ability to memorize information. In addition, the whole learning experience is stimulating & better than only reading books or taking down notes & engaging in conversation.

A good course will help learners think Thai
Many conventional courses in the Thai language will teach learners to translate words & sentences from their mother tongue; but, it is far more fruitful to learn to think directly in Thai as they can apply the grammar rules and vocabulary in sentences appropriately and within a short span of time. Learning by translating words doesn’t work all the time & may not assure success.

A good course will repeatedly explain tougher concepts
For the convenience of the students, and online Thai language course in Kolkata will explain complex concepts repeatedly through videos once they are loaded onto the computer. Learners will be able to augment their knowledge through computer games, sound files, and wordlists so that they can interpret them & gain in-depth meaning of words & sentences.

A good course would help the brain to boost its learning rate
When someone learns, the brain utilizes plenty of energy. Actually, the brain despite weighing just 2% of your body weight, can intake up to 20 - 30% of the body’s total energy consumption if someone is learning. Glucose is the component that it requires to think & retain information, and the body creates glucose from what one eats and drinks. If the levels of glucose are less, the rate of learning will be slow. A good Thai language program knows that energy levels have a direct impact on the ability to learn, and will therefore incorporate a range of learning activities to rejuvenate the minds of the learners.

A good course comes in virtual learning mode too
Apart from the regular classroom format, a good course in Thai will also be presented in the online version for busy professionals & homemakers. There are many people who are inclined to the online & distance learning format due to its ease of accessibility & giving them the freedom to learn at their own pace.

If a course in the Thai language fulfills all the criteria given above, then surely it will be effective & provide an intensive learning experience to the students. It is important to do research online before choosing the course.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on a Thai language course in Kolkata, he also worked as a foreign language professor and researcher in a reputed university.