Your day in a shop can consist of a lot of quiet time. Do not think of this as boring time, twiddling your thumbs or scanning on FaceBook, Twitter, or other social networks. I know I have days when I have had a few hours in the shop where no-one has walked in. You can use this time to get productive.

Here are 5 productive things you can do in those quiet moments:

1) Start to analyze what is selling and what is not in your store. If you have some staff, sit them down and ask them, "Why is this selling? Why is this not selling?" Get them involved so that they feel some sort of ownership of your business, and you may be surprised at what ideas they come up with. Reward them if their idea works.

2) This may sound obvious, but do some tidying up and sorting out. Put your stock in size order. Do your fill ups. See what stock needs ordering. Can you order more to sell more? Have a general tidy up. If the shop always looks fresh and organized, your shop will feel welcoming to that next customer. Plus if you look busy in the shop, customers will walk in.

3) Revamp your shop window. What has been sitting in your window for too long? Can you put something in the window that needs to be sold, or maybe put out an offer or a promotion to generate some sales?

4) Start to plan the next few promotions. I am sure there will be some event or meaningful date coming up that you can use to promote your stock. Take a look at the calendar and start to plan. Do not wait until the last minute as you may need to get posters printed or get something else prepared in advance for a promotion.

5) Look at your current processes and any ways you can improve those processes. I do not mean creating work for the sake of creating work, but see what process you have in your business and see what frustrations your staff have with them and see how you can improve life for everybody. Always try and improve things in your business. Do not stay still. Otherwise, you will never move with the times.

Question for you:

1) What do you do when you have those quiet times in your store?

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Hiten Thakrar is the first person you'll see when visiting Sydney's Zantini Menswear shop. Best known as "H," he is passionate about providing quality menswear as well as exceptional service and advice regarding how to be the best dressed man you can be. Visit to receive "How to Look Great and Save Cash With Your Business Clothing," along with tips, tricks and some great menswear fashions.