Have you decided it's time for a new Mac? Beautiful! Then you buy a new one, install it (or have it installed of course) and get back to work quickly. But what about the old Mac if it is still working? Shame to throw away. However? Below I will tell you about 4 things you can still do with your old Mac.

1. To the kids or flex spot

Is your Mac still in good condition, but just got a lot slower and does it no longer suit your needs? Maybe the Mac can still get a good place as a family Mac. If you have a company, it might perfectly serve as a flex space or a Mac for the (future) intern?

In such a case, it can be smart to opt for a Mac upgrade. For example, with a faster SSD drive, extra RAM and a clean installation, your Mac can last for a while. The costs for this differ per model, think of a dollars or $300 - $500. Request a quote from us for performing a Mac upgrade with your Mac.

Whoever is going to use the Mac, make sure it is completely erased before you put someone else behind it.

2. Use your old iMac as an external screen

Is it an iMac made between 2009 and 2014? Then there is a good chance that you can still use it as an external (or second) screen. The iMac must contain at least OS X version 10.6.1. The other Mac (Book), which you want to connect, must have a Mini Display Port, Thunderbolt or USB-C port. You can also use a different iMac as a source if you want two large screens next to each other.

3. Exchange: nice and easy

You can often trade in your old Mac when you buy a new one. Both Apple itself and various Resellers do this. Also from us you can often get a refund for your old Mac if you buy a new Mac from us. The trade-in value depends on the condition and age. These amounts are not very high, but still a nice bonus. The trade-in price is determined by the serial number.

After a thorough investigation, a secure erasure of the data and a clean installation, your old Mac will be resold. If it is too old or something is wrong with it, the parts will be reused in refurbished models or recycled.

4. Resell for the best price

If you no longer have a destination for the old iMac, but do not want to dispose of it with the bulky waste, you can always sell the Mac yourself via Marketplaces like macback.co.uk or various Facebook groups such as Used Apple or Apple for sale. You will probably get a lot more for it than with exchange. It also gives you a lot more action and you should have no problem meeting someone you (probably) do not know.

Search for the model you have to determine the asking price. The advantage of this free market value is that a previous upgrade (such as installing a 1TB SSD) also provides added value for the buyer. When exchanging, the value of the model is maintained as it was originally (at the time of purchase).

5. Donate to a good cause

If the Mac is too old to sell or trade in, you can also donate it to charity. Many organizations are very happy with these “cast-offs”. We regularly work with parties that make this possible.

6. Prepare for reuse

Are you going to resell or trade in the Mac? Then make sure you empty it completely. The following steps are important:

  • Make a backup if you want to keep files.
  • Sign out of iTunes in macOS Mojave or earlier at Account> Permissions> Revoke permission for this computer.
  • Sign out of iCloud by turning off Find My Mac and then signing out completely.
  • Log out of iMessage in the Messages app. Choose Messages> Preferences > iMessage > Sign Out.
  • Now you can erase the hard drive and reinstall macOS.

The detailed manual for all the steps above can be found on the Apple website.

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Misty Jhones