The cloud computing design represents the best practice approach to deliver any application, information, or business process service that is externally confronted as part of a digital business strategy.

A cloud strategy clearly describes the business results you 're aiming for, and how you'll get there. Having a cloud strategy will allow you to quickly apply its principles with fewer delays, thereby speeding up the arrival of your ultimate business outcomes.

Here are some points that you need to create a good cloud computing strategy:-

1. Change how you think about cloud computing

The greatest obstacle we see stopping small and medium-sized companies from leveraging the cloud comes from the top: company owners, presidents, or CEOs. Business leaders often delegate any decisions relating to IT to their IT team. The issue with this approach is that the decision to pursue a cloud strategy is mainly a strategic enterprise, not an IT.

2. Learn how cloud computing can benefit your business

A cloud strategy defines the business outcomes you are looking for and how you are going to achieve them. It also includes your end goals. Your deciding factors may include cost, need for business growth, your competitors, innovation, etc.

3. Assess the current state of your company's IT

In the IT industry, it is normal to evaluate the company's IT for the implementation of new technology in terms of its "readiness." A Readiness Assessment is essentially a scorecard that provides a framework to determine if what you currently have in place is enough to introduce something new.

4. Choose the right cloud computing deployment model

Your next step to developing a cloud strategy is to decide how you want your company to deploy the cloud, and you do that by selecting the implementation model that's right for you.

The easiest way to recognize cloud deployment is to determine "where your data and systems will live."

5. Choose the right type of cloud computing service

When you determine which delivery model is ideally suited to your organizational needs, it's time to choose how what service you want to run. You achieve this by selecting the cloud service model(s) that suits you best.

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