The power of the brain is deeply embedded in the unconscious mind. It is for this reason then that a very large percentage of the world’s population is yet to discover the massive power. Those who have mastered the art can readily affirm its potential. Surprisingly, no one has ever established an institution to teach people on how to mine this power. All institutions around the globe are there to guide their students on how to use their conscious minds. It is an exclusive region of the mind that requires self exploration.

Unconscious mind is that part that a person is not aware of at a particular time. It is usually tasked with activities or functions that are supposed to be done automatically. If a person was to initiate every function in the body, then several activities would be left untouched by the end of the day. Some activities require a consistent learning before they finally become part of you. When an activity can be precisely executed without necessarily having to think about it again, it is unconsciously done. Internal body processes are examples of these functions that do not require prior knowledge before they are executed among other activities.

The brain is responsible for numerous executions per second. It is this unconscious mind that continues to dispense power superseding that of super computers. You don’t need to worry about digestion, breathing, hearing while watching your favorite program as you remain seated on the chair. They are all catered for by your unconscious. With time, chores such as driving, dressing, typing or riding are performed without having to remember how they were done. It reaches a moment when you cannot believe that at one time, all those tasks were so hard to learn. A person moves from being consciously incompetent at a given task to unconsciously competent; a state of automation.

Only the very inquisitive can find it weird that people have never bothered to ask themselves what maintains survival. The power of the brain is realized here. This is where the unconscious mind is unrivalled. This part of the mind is also responsible for generating energy for handling ‘stress’ of survival and for use during periods of energy demanding events. It is the region that houses all emotions; love, fear, anger to help you express yourself. For example you do not laugh because you want to.

Other instances where the unconscious you plays a huge role is in perception of the common senses; sounds, tastes, sensation, images and smell. It uses these perceptions for communication. All the functions of the present memories in you are dynamically wielded at extreme speeds by this underutilized power. It organizes communication, stores information and retains experience. Unconscious mind can be maneuvered to perform a certain task and is known to respond accordingly to external variations.

The unconscious mind comes with myriad benefits. Since it is very flexible, it can be programmed to suit different patterns. Imagined relaxing scenes stimulate the brain relaxation centers. With unconscious mind, a person is able to communicate to their loved ones throughout the world. It knows no distance. The power of the brain indeed sits in the unconscious mind. Exploit it.

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