Fashion comes and goes. Trends change with each season. But girl you got to have few timeless and classic pieces that will never change with any trend. They stay classic forever and you can wear them ateach stage of your life.
Lets have a look at the most classic and timeless jewelry pieces that have stayed on top of the list in each part of the world.

Solitaire Studs

Every girl needs to have a quality piece of earrings and needless to say that studs are the must have piece when it comes to earrings. The solitaire stud is an elegant and understated classic, which adds a right touch of glamour. Minimalistic in their appearance they add a subtle eloquence to ones everyday look. This is that one piece of jewelry that a girl from 16 years of age to 60 can wear and it will suit her on all occasions. This iconic jewel has stayed a top favorite among all cultures across the world. Each jewel box should have one pair of solitaire studs at least.

Tennis Bracelet

A staple piece in every jewelry lovers collection . While being a beautiful piece its equally functional as well . Stays nicely on the wrist and wont hamper your day to day lifestyle. This has been a favorite design of many jewelry design houses and has been in vogue forever. A great gift choice as well. 925 silver tennis bracelet is a great starter bracelet for its affordability and is high on the looks. Pair it with casuals and formals alike.

Solitaire Pendant

A single stone solitaire pendant suspended on a chain, which is almost invisible, makes such a delightful sight. A dainty piece, which is on every girls jewelry list,has been one of the most popular buying and gifting choice. Goes well when paired with solitaires studs. This is the kind of jewelry which will never ever go out if fashion. It’s a classic piece that will be wanted and loved by all women.


Have a Hoop . A jewelry item that lasts a lifetime and adds a punch to any outfit. Paired with jeans and tshirt they add a glam look to the wearers face . When worn with a gown they all are red carpet worthy . These will never go out of style and are a quick go to jewelry piece .

Solitaire Ring

Somehow solitaires are the most popular and most sold kind of jewels all over the globe. From royalties to first ladies, its been a choice of all. A solitaire ring is a perfect classic that’s been around for ages and it will never loose its status ever. A single solitaire ring adds en extra touch of elegance to any woman’s hand. A solitaire ring has the power to look glamorous yet subtly understated. Get one if you don’t have already.

Jewelry has the power to transform anyone. It’s a form of accessory that one just can’t do without. If you had to have a very basic jewelry wardrobe then you must but these five pieces. Also a great starter idea for girls who haven’t started their own collection yet

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