Hand sanitizer has really found its place in the world, and the amounts that people are willing to pay for this little product are often surprising. However, when you think about all of the times in daily life that can warrant the use of hand sanitizer, you might feel less shocked at the lengths people are willing to go to procure it.

After Pumping Gas

Pumping your own gas might mean that you save some money, but you could walk away with a number of germs on your hands. Keep hand sanitizer in your car so that you can clean your hands off right away. Remember that if you touch the door to your car and other objects in your vehicle before using the hand sanitizer, you could be defeating the purpose. Put the sanitizer in your pocket to use before getting back in the car.

With Portable Toilets

You might head to a festival or to an outdoor activity only to discover that real bathrooms aren't available. Even when the portable toilets have a little sink inside or adjacent to the units, bringing out the hand sanitizer for an extra layer of protection is highly advisable. Simply consider the fact that you may very well be eating or drinking at the event.

Upon Leaving Public Restrooms

Whether you're using the restroom at your favorite restaurant or at your own office, you likely have to touch a door or the hand dryer before totally leaving the space. Washing your hands with soap and water is a given, but you can give yourself an additional boost of germ protection by applying hand sanitizer once you are out of the bathroom with your 72 pack 8 oz antiseptic hand sanitizer gel.

Grocery Store Trips

Visiting the grocery store means that you'll touch a number of objects before picking out your produce and after getting the groceries packed up in bags. Hand sanitizer helps to keep more of the germs away. Also, if you have hand-sanitizing wipes or other antibacterial wipes, you can wipe down the cart before heading into the aisles.

When You're Sick

If you are feeling ill, you should call out of work or school and stay at home. However, some situations arise that call for you to go in when you have a minor cold. You must make sure you are regularly washing your hands with soap and water to halt the spread of disease. Still though, you might blow your nose or cough before you can get to a sink, and you can use some hand sanitizer in the meanwhile.

Your hand sanitizer might look small, but this product is really powerful. Consider the various everyday scenarios where it might come in handy.

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