There is an (apparently) easy way to be together and there is a cumbersome way. This applies to both marriages, partners, work colleagues and in child rearing.Or to put it in another way:

* There is a short-term strategy that seems easy,

* and there is a long-term strategy that may seem cumbersome.

If there is something you feel does not work optimally, you can point it out immediately. The risk with this approach, however, is that it is perceived as criticism and blame. This way is easy, but there is another way that seems cumbersome at first glance. You can highlight what works well - and wait to notice what does not work until a suitable opportunity emerges.

An example is that there is a cloth to wipe windows off. You wipe the window as you usually do, but your spouse suddenly says, "It would be better to use one of the old cloths instead of a guest towel!" There is nothing wrong with what the spouse says. In fact, it makes quite a lot of sense. And those are the facts. As a tool (parterapi værktøj). But the timing is not good. It is always easiest to state shortcomings and "errors", right when they occur, because then it is out of the world.

The difficult way, on the other hand, is to remember the "mistake" and then take it up at a later time. Before then, you just have to change the towel yourself when you walk past the closet next time. But in the long run, this "difficult" way is also the most effective. It also gives you the best chance of remembering exactly why the error was made. The spouse will not notice that the window cloth has been changed, but you will.

There is another key to succeeding in marriage, as you and your spouse begin to work together in a trusting manner for the future of the family. It is through the experience of success that you will learn how to avoid pitfalls. You will not be able to achieve success in a vacuum, and the first failure is something that you and your spouse can share.

One day, your wife asked why you have always taken good care of her. She said it was because you did not cheat on her, didn't neglect the kids, and did your duties of a man. As you reflected, you realized that it was simply the "family" that you do, not each other. And that's when you realized it is all about cooperation and the sharing of success. When both of you work together, you are able to have, at the end of the day, only success.

If you don't work together, it is impossible to have success.

When you and your spouse share a winning day, it is a sure sign that it is time to celebrate. It is also a sign that you have failed. No one should celebrate alone, when it goes against the principles of marriage.

You and your spouse have to have a mutual understanding that, after the day is over, you will be able to meet again. It is through a mutual understanding that you are able to grow together. You are able to share a lot of success, and in turn, you learn how to build on those successes, and build a new foundation of success for the future.

There are lot of things that you can do on a daily basis. The way that you can spend some quality time together is just one such thing.

You can have lunch outside, go for a bike ride, take a drive together, or even spend the night together. You just have to find out the time that you can spend together without any tension.

When you work together, you don't have to discuss your problems or problems that you have. If you work together, the solution will come to you. When you work together, you share a lot of things. You understand each other, and you see things from a different perspective. You'll find out that you share a lot of things in common, while you see things from different perspectives. It is a win - win situation.parterapi værktøj

As you go on your path, you will discover things that you really have in common, and you will also discover things that you really have in common, and you will see things from a different perspective, and you will find out that you really have in common.

As you go through life, you will know your purpose and your glory, and you will be in tune with your purpose. As you go through life, you will understand that every moment is precious, and you will see every moment from a different perspective, and you will discover things that you really have in common.

When you spend time with family, you share a lot of mutual understanding, and your paths will cross, and you will see things from different perspectives, and you will discover things that you really have in common.

Don't be embarrassed to meet each other's eyes, and let the positive things flow. And don't be embarrassed to ask about something that matters to your spouse.

There are a lot of things that you can do together.

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