Any overseas trip will bring generations of families back together while creating great memories. But with the evident generation gaps comes differences in preferences of holidays. GoMosafer is extremely proud of its best travel agency in Qatar tag, and we take it very seriously upon ourselves to curate holiday packages from Qatar that cater to families that include baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z.
That is we have compiled a set of tip that you should consider while booking from our budget tour packages from Qatar
1. Pick a tour that engages the whole family hands-on
Holidays are meant to bond with family members. Proven by every study in the world, activities during the holiday always help in strengthening the bond between the eldest and the youngest in the family.
“I was so confused as to how to bring my big Asian family together for a holiday and GoMosafer was the best travel agency near me, and they were a blessing in disguise! They managed to make such a hands-on family trip for us to Georgia. We learned how to make wine, learned skiing, it was such a joy to see my mother and my youngest bond over snow! It is my most cherished memory! “- Su Yang, A Mosafer of our Georgia Trip.
2. Add a fantasy element to the trips
If you are travelling with toddlers or teens who have grown up watching all the fantasy movies in the world, then it is always special to add at least one of the famous fantasy elements to your tour. So, if your child is a big Harry Potter fan, why not visit the universities where they were shot. This adds to the excitement for the child and give the elder generations a better perspective into the functioning of the cogs and wheels in your child’s mind!
“ Today, I shared such a special moment with my daughter! She is a big Arya Fan of Game of Thrones, and visiting “Bravoos” was just .. so special! She was just so happy and her excitement was just palpable! Thank you GoMosafer! You guys have the best holiday packages from Qatar and you are undoubtedly the best travel agency in Qatar “ Maxine Brown, A Mosafer of our Croatia Trip.
3. Use scheduled “free time” as an opportunity to break away from the group and relax as a family.
We take a lot of time to plan our budget tour packages from Qatar. We understand the reason why you are on the trip, we value your intentions to make some special memories with your family. And that is why all our days of the packages have short bursts of “free time” where we give you and your family the liberty to enjoy the destination as your own!
“ It’s been almost 3 years since our trip to Baku with GoMosafer. But every time we recollect the trip as a family, the most dear memory that we hold is of our long walks and whole night long talks that we would have during and after the day was over. That trip is really special to us. I didn’t expect such privacy when we choose from their holiday packages from Qatar. I lived at that time across GoMosafer’s office, I just hadn’t realised the best travel agency near me was the best in Qatar itself” Elizabeth Banks, A Mosafer of our Greece Trip.

4. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi on coaches to have school-age kids learn more about destinations that pique their interest.
We understand your need for Wi-Fi, hence all our buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi. But let’s make use of the Wi-Fi better and educate the younger ones about the places you are visiting. Even you could brush up your GK or just read more about the place that is fascinating you so much!

5. Meet ‘tweens and teens in the middle on social media. Suggest a project like creating an Instagram story about their trip.

We aren’t just the best travel agency in Qatar, we are the most creative and social media friendly so remember to nudge your teens to tag us in all their posts so that we can share them on our page and make them superstars during the trip!

GoMosafer’s budget tour packages from Qatar foster the joy of travel at all ages— tots, teenagers, and adults — and offer a number of advantages over independent travel. Without driving or navigating unfamiliar roads, travelers can relax and focus on family and sights. And with all the excursions included in the tour, there are no hidden costs.

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