A wedding party is the height of a unique moment in many women's lives, isn't it? Everything has to go perfectly and no one wants to look ugly with the couple. And then we go back to ten houses and remember how difficult it is to choose a guest dress! It's not as easy as choosing the best application for spying on a partner. We certainly know the answer, https://cheatingspouses.net/!

There are so many colors, styles, the news (oh the news that comes to hammer our courage), fabrics and a number of other factors that influence the choice. We look at the wardrobe and it looks like we went to all previous weddings with all dresses at the same time!

So in this article I decided to talk about 5 tips for choosing a wedding dress that I selected from my own and other women's experiences. Hope they can help you feel fashionable on your friend's happiness day!

1. Own or rented dress?

This is a question that always comes up with every wedding I go to, and luckily I'm not the only one. Actually there is no closed answer, after all a wedding dress is more than a garment, it is your style at the event. What we can do is consider each option and its advantages. Renting a dress is financially better, but it means looking for a store that is not well known to guests to avoid repeated dress, you will need to rent it well in advance and check everything carefully so as not to be caught off guard with a torn sleeve in the middle of the party.

2. The party time

Day weddings are a growing trend, especially in our climate. And being day or night makes a lot of difference! For the daytime, the lightness. Fluttering models, tasteful prints and necklines and slits to size. All very sunny. The ideal length is knee length, but the long ones are welcome in light fabrics. For evening weddings, it's the classic boldness we know. Tight and striking dresses, necklines and slits, velvet and lace. Longs are always the preference.

3. Wedding has Dress Code!

Yes, marriage has a dress code and can go beyond the ideal model for day or night. The season influences your choice, winter and summer dresses certainly do not speak. For the venue, do not boast in long killer for religious ceremony in a small temple. Check if the invitation points a costume, otherwise you can follow your feeling and our tips here!

4. What color will I use?

There are only two colors we avoid in a wedding: black and white. Otherwise, it will depend on the type of ceremony. If during the day, we bet on the lighter and more neutral colors, to match the lightness of the occasion. If at night we can use darker shades and warm colors - blue, green and red. Nothing prevents us from reversing it: pink, tea and similar colors go well with every occasion, but if worn at night, complement with sparkling details and jewelry.

5. Ceremony Style

People vary greatly in the style of weddings today. From traditional nightclubs in church and ballroom to nightclubs with religious ceremony and party in the same place. Outdoor weddings, day or night, are very successful on hot summer and spring evenings. You can choose a dress that suits this occasion; long for traditional ceremonies, half long outdoors with brighter colors.

Tip: Even if the bride and groom are alternative, keep the basics if the invitation or the couple does not advise otherwise. They are the stars of the party!

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