Choosing the best tailor in Dubai used to be easy – but not anymore. The increasing number of tailors in the field and the changing trends in the dressing makes it challenging to find a professional that will match the need of each client.

The Dubai market has no shortage of tailors – in fact, you can meet them almost at every turn. After all, it is an open market, and anyone who believes they can be a tailor makes entry. However, this has made it difficult for an average consumer who doesn’t know to differentiate between who is right and who isn’t.

If you are in the market for suits but aren’t sure where to start from regarding finding the best tailor in Dubai, then here are some five tips to help you make the right choice.

Know what you want

You probably are wondering what knowing what you want has got to do with finding the right tailor. You need to know what you want, as it will guide you in picking a tailor who can deliver that. Spare a few hours to read about suits as well as other menswear and learn about everything you can regarding the quality of menswear. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll know about how suit jackets should fit, the break on the trousers and even working sleeve buttonholes in the process.


Once you are well aware of what you want, the next step is to go out in the market to find the right tailor. First, you’ll need to research to find out different options in the market. You can do so online, or drive around town, or better yet, through referrals. Your search should give you at least five potential tailors, whom you’ll assess to find out who is a perfect fit for you.

Look for experience

Experience is critical; it shows you how well the tailor in question will execute the specific design of suit that you wish to have. Check whether the tailor has done the kind of suit that you are interested in. Ask about the number of years they have been in business and their past work. This will give you an idea of what to expect – a good tailor is one who has worked on projects like yours before, and has been in the market long enough to gain an edge over the rest.

Then their reputation

How well is the tailor known, and what are they known for? A good tailor will have his or her work speak for them because they consistently deliver excellence and are keen on making the client happy. In addition to their reputation in the industry, you may also want to go through their customer reviews and testimonials to see what other people, including their past clients, are saying about them.

Pay attention to how they communicate

A good tailor is one who takes the time to talk to you, irrespective of how busy they are. Think of it this way, if you are having a difficult time trying to connect or communicate with them before you give them business, how will it be after you do?

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