Hiring a good wedding photographer, should be one of the first things on your wedding to-do list. Your wedding is one of the most important and celebrated days of your life. Having such a big celebration with your friends and family, you will want to be able to remember it as well. It will only last one day of your life, but you want to get amazing photos so the memories will last a lifetime. The photographer you hire, will have a huge impact on the end result. The phrase “you get what you pay for” really applies here.

1. Do you like their style of photography?
So the first thing you should do is start googling wedding photographers in the area where your wedding will take place. Open up their websites and start looking at their work. Have many tabs open, one for each photographer so you can easily compare them to one another. There are different photographic styles and each photographer is going to have his own. Pick a few that suit you best.

2. Evaluate their capabilities for what you need.
One thing you need to consider when hiring a photographer is their abilities. Many photographers today only do “natural light” photography, and for many this may be totally fine. But if you are going to have a reception indoors or a wedding in low light conditions, additional lighting will be required. So when looking for a photographer, make sure that they have the necessary equipment. Browse their galleries and see if they have good indoor pictures.

3. Do they fit your budget?
Wedding photographers are not cheap and there are many reasons why. Photographing a wedding is hard work, besides being on your feet all day with heavy equipment, they are always under pressure to get “the shot” in the moment and not miss it. Then they have to spend a few days editing the photos. So you need to come up with a reasonable budget and narrow down your candidates accordingly.

4. Do you vibe well with them?
It’s important that you hire a photographer with whom you feel comfortable and can get along. Check out their social media accounts and read their “about me” page. Do they seem like someone you can be friends with? Schedule a in-person meeting with them and see how well you communicate. Your going to spend a lot of time with them on your wedding day so the last thing you want is to feel awkward around them.

5. Read their reviews.
The last step in finding a photographer for your wedding is to read their reviews. Check their Facebook account, Yelp, website and search their company name in Google. This is one of the best ways to see if their past clients were satisfied. Did they interact well with the guests, did they deliver the images in the time they specified, were they upbeat and pleasant to work with? If they pass this step, then you can feel confident in hiring them.

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