The demand for health coaches in orange county has been steadily increasing in recent years and with this demand the salary offered to health coaches has also increased. Health coaching courses generally cost between three thousand and six thousand dollars and in some cases even more. The time spent and monetary investment undertaken by health coaches means that all health coaches are extremely serious about their profession and are dedicated to helping others achieve good health and well-being. Many health coaches attend specialized continuing education courses every year to keep abreast of the latest developments in their field.

Hiring Tips

When you go to make sure you hire a health or nutrition coach in Orange County, there are several things that you need to take into account. First of all you want to make sure they have sufficient knowledge to help you with your particular needs. It is important that the health coach you choose has sufficient qualifications and expertise to help you. They should also be able to make good personal contact with people in your own area who may be interested in engaging with them.

Another thing you want to take into account when you hire a health coach is how accessible they are to you. It is especially important to have an office where you can get help whenever you need it. If the health coach lives in another town then you may not get timely assistance when you need it. Make sure you find out how far they live from your place of work and whether they can make it to your offices for appointments on a regular basis.


Thirdly, if you are going to hire a health coach, make sure that you find one who is flexible. You need to know how flexible they are and what kind of 'help' they can provide you with. Some coaches work with clients on a pay-as-you-go model, where the client pays for their sessions, which may last as little as thirty minutes a week or more often depending on the client's situation. Other coaches charge per session and you might even have to pay for lunch with them too. Flexibility is a very important feature of any good coach and you need to be able to use their services to the fullest.


Finally, it is important to hire a health coach who are motivated by the success of their clients. It can be very frustrating working towards the same goals as other colleagues but health coaches should know that their clients are special and that their success is something that motivates them. If you cannot motivate yourself to do the things you need to do then you will never achieve your health goals. Good coaches know that if they do not have the will to make the changes required, their clients simply will go elsewhere. Therefore, good coaches make sure that they instill the right kind of willpower in their clients to ensure their success.

One last point when it comes to hiring health coaches is that you should choose ones that have a proven track record of success. You need to hire a health coach who knows what they are doing and has a documented history of achieving their health goals. It is also advisable to hire a coach who is willing to share with you their past and current goals so that you are aware of what lies ahead. Good health coaches should be willing to work with you to achieve your health goals because that is ultimately why you are hiring them in the first place.

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