Everyone wants to build self confidence and the reason most of them fail is not that they don't do enough effort but its because they apply the wrong advice.

Self confidence is all about a set of beliefs that a person has about himself, in order to build self confidence successfully you must understand the nature of these beliefs, know where they come from and then work on acquiring them.

In this article i will tell you about the right actions that will help you in building your self confidence.

Tips for building self confidence
Self confidence has nothing to do with genes: The thing that sometimes holds people back from building their self confidence is believing that self confidence has got anything to do with genes while in fact self confidence is all about a set of beliefs that anyone can acquire

* Self confidence and the right area: Self confidence is divided into areas, while you might be confident in using a computer you might lack confidence when it comes to talking to strangers. Building self confidence is all about fixing the right area instead of doing general practices that would lead nowhere

* Anxiety and lack of confidence: Anxiety is the feeling a person gets when he believes that he doesn't have enough skills to sail through a certain situation successfully. One of the most important steps in building self confidence is learning the right skills that will help you trust your abilities. The best thing you can do to build your confidence is to learn the skills that you lack

* Self confidence and incorrect perception: People keep collecting evidence from the external world through these five senses, usually this evidence is distorted and biased towards the beliefs the person has. For example if someone believes that he is worthless then he will bias his conclusions and assumptions in such a way that would make his belief stronger. In order to build self confidence you must learn how to not make conclusions or judgments about yourself before you have solid evidence

* False beliefs and self confidence: Lack of self confidence is the result of having certain false beliefs about your abilities, skills and worthiness. False beliefs can be weakened by challenging them and by constantly providing opposing arguments that proves them wrong.

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