It hasn’t been easy keeping up with your spouse and affair partner. Maybe you have been caught before because of your carelessness. You are wondering if it will be possible to keep an affair in 2019 with your spouse always sneaking around. Stay put because we got you with our 5 tips for keeping your affairs in 2019.

Let’s dive in.

Define what you want
Maybe it is the way you have been going around it that has been making your affair dating a living hell. Define what you want with the man or woman you are having an affair with. Is it just for the extra sex, companionship or you are just in for the fun? Which ever it is, you have to decide on your own. When you have succeeded in defining your want, you can then set out to find the person that suits your wants and desires. I’ll advise you to use dating apps which reduces your chance of getting caught.

Set some ground rules
After you have succeeded in defining what you really want in the affair, you can now set some ground rules to keep the relationship as goal oriented as possible. Time you will be meeting, where to meet, is it just a casual relationship and so on. Set some ground rules as well as boundaries. Most times married people never want to ruin their marriage or break the heart of their spouses but if you don’t set ground rules, you’ll get caught and lose everything.

No Pictures Policy
Do you want keep your affairs and at the same time keep your marriage? Then follow this no-picture policy. Avoid taking pictures with your affair partner as much as possible. Most times when a single person is having an affair on affair website with a married individual, the single partner is mostly at loss since the married partner can always go back to his wife when things go south. He/she is either after your money or something else. It is best to avoid pictures because of the social media.

Act Normally
Sometimes, when having an affair you stop doing whatever you used to do before and start acting all different. This will raise a red flag as well as suspicions. Act normally at home, do your duties squarely, show love to your wife as usual. I know this is very difficult to do. You can’t be getting something from outside and still act all the same. It is somewhat impossible to keep up but if you are looking to keep your affairs as discrete as possible then you have abide by this rule.

Keep your affairs separate and away from your home
Most times, you will have to lie about a few things just to keep everything from coming out to the open and away from home. This is the biggest and most important tip. One of the best ways to keep your affair married dating safe in 2019 is by following this tip squarely. Don’t call your affair partner at home, don’t invite your affair partner to your home, don’t introduce her to your kids or your wife/husband. Keep it as far and separate from your normal life as possible. Even from your place of work because once other people know then, it is only a matter of time before the word gets out.

There are many more tips that can help you keep your affairs on best affair sites in this year 2019 but the five tips mentioned above should be enough to keep your affairs safe if followed strictly. One advice I would give you, don’t get too carried away in an affair and forget yourself. It is only a fantasy!

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