To keep your dog healthy, you have to start from an early age. Your dog is a living being, and like all living things, the dog is subject to its external environment. He can get sick, get fat, etc. Here are 5 tips to keep his dog in good health for as long as possible.
Get your dog vaccinated
The first thing to do, when he arrives home, is to visit the vet as soon as possible to schedule his vaccines. One visit per year will be welcome, especially when the dogie takes a spring.

Remember to protect your dog from ticks and other critters
Remember to deworm it regularly, and protect it from external parasites. There are dog parasites that are transmissible to humans and which are dangerous. You must deworm your dog twice a year minimum.
Ticks are also dangerous, they transmit piroplasmosis to your dog. The disease develops between 2 to 15 days. The dog is then very depressed and feverish, and often no longer eats. If your dog is not cared for, the disease is fatal.

Education to prevent accidents
The first steps in his life as a family dog will be through a good education, rigorous enough for the first six months of his life, so that nothing will happen to him for the next 15 years. A well-educated dog will be a joy for all and security for his good health.
Favor the recall, the immediate stop, do not accept that he begs at the table, always to prevent him from falling ill, by becoming fat.

Good food for your dog
Ask for advice for his diet, your veterinarian will be the best to answer you. An obese dog will not be healthy, and to deny him the piece of sugar or cake is not to be mean to him, on the contrary, his life will be better if he eat what he needs. Your veterinarian will guide you to what is best for your pet.

You will put a bowl of fresh water for him, you will give him his meals regularly, in the morning or the evening. A dog takes 14 hours to digest, it should not be fed more than necessary.

Everything your dog needs is in foods made especially for them. You can also make her meals, but you will need to know the right quantities. Also you can feed your dog Shih Tzu Terrier Mix for better health growth.

Play with your dog
For keeping your dog healthy, he needs regular outings for his needs, but also long walks in the woods or parks, so that he lets off steam.

I practice cani-cross and I do agility. So Freesby lets off steam by running and he is calm at home.
And above all to make your animal happy, do not put a Saint Bernard in a 60 m² apartment. A big dog needs space.

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Beethy Chang